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By Anonymous
Is it true that if you over feed Torrent he slows down and can no longer jump?
By Anonymous
i tested it, and yes
By Anonymous
It seems torrent doesn't heal when resting at sites of grace, but it's inmune to status effects, inmune to damage between appearing and disappearing, etc. I believe it has something to do with that spirit cult in siofra, the mausoleum compound, the consecrated snowfield's frozen trees, etc... i think those trees are an offspring of the crucible, different from the erdtree. It's worshippers are more leaned towards magic in a spiritual way, from wich torrent draws for it's summoning, double jumps and jumpsprings. I believe this is why torrent has horns, as they show a connection to the crucible.
By astrix
That's interesting. I've tried using the rowa raisins, the ones with the least healing potential, after he has gotten hit a lot and I'm out of combat again, safely away from the enemies. He always has full health then. You only see the health bar after giving the raisins though so I'm not sure if they healed him up or if he had already healed. My guess was that he auto-healed after combat.
By Anonymous
Torrent heals after resting at a bonfi- *ahem* site of grace. However, if you simply die and summon him once more without resting, his health will NOT be replenished.
By Anonymous
Torrent's double jump SFX is very pleasing.
By Anonymous
FYI you can to hand while on torrent you just have to do it before you get on him. The developers were having difficulty and bringing animations to all two handed weapons so I heard they just scrapped it and Valhalla likely held in rain was going through something similar and instead of scrapping it they just sacrificed a little visual quality with keeping the numbers minus the animations. I'm not sure if you can switch between weapons while you have one of them two-handed I'm not sure if it converts it back to one handed as you cycle through but know that if you have low level character that you're not putting in strength points and you need that two-handed buff you can use it on horseback
By Anonymous
Y'know, I do wonder why Torrent has horns. Because he is just a horse; in-game he's just referred to as a horse, even in dialogue, and he looks and moves exactly like a horse... but also he has horns. And no other horses in the game have horns afaik, so it's not like horns are a normal horse feature in this universe that don't bear mentioning. The devs could definitely have handwaved this--oh, he has horns because he's not technically a horse, he's a "spirit steed", something like that, but no. Torrent is just a horse. Who has horns. Why's he got horns? Eh.
By Anonymous
He's obviously a bicorn, the darker variant of the unicorn, which means that as per Japanese fantasy convention he doesn't allow maidens to ride him, affirming Melina when she tells us that she "is no maiden".

...Yeah, I'm being silly, but you still can't refute it!
By Anonymous
Might be an omen.
By Anonymous
I just call him my goathorsedog.
By Anonymous
Bruh no one refers to him as "horse," he's consistently referred to as "spectral steed." It's also fairly obvious he's related to Ancestor Spirits, as he shares their visual design and they even do the same double jump. Ancestor Spirits also sprout horns, and there's talk of lots of creatures, Omen, Misbegotten and even regular goats, sprouting horns as "vestige of the primordial crucible." Don't you ever attempt a lore critique or whatever that was supposed to be ever again because you are clearly not paying attention.
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