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Holy Moly
By Anonymous
Neat that they've finally separated lightning and holy.
By Anonymous
They already had with blessed weapons in DS3.
By Anonymous
In response to the other guy, blessed didn't have an element just physical scaling. Holy is it's own element.
By Anonymous
Do it scale with dat faith tho
By Anonymous
For some reason, taking pieces of armor off dramatically increases your holy defense. Naked build meta
By Anonymous
naked and covered in blood just like the good lord brought me into this world
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By Anonymous
How bad is it against non-undead enemies?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I've been using the winged scythe most of the game and have no troubles with anything. Sometimes sap to Ciper Peta for fun.
By Anonymous
But what about pure holy damage spells?
By Anonymous
Gargoyles Blackblade, Gargoyles Black Halberd and the Black Knife are all good Holy damage weapons. The blade of death ability on the Black Knife seems especially useful with a ridiculous range and 25% DoT.
By Anonymous
Ran around with a Lordsworn's Holy Greatsword +8 for a while and it didn't seem to negatively impact my damage against non-Undead enemies, just gave a buff against Undead ones.
By Anonymous
I'm lvl 92 atm with a lvl19 Sacred Morning Star and 50 faith. Weapon damage is 522 (204phys, 316Holy)
And while im doing fine on normal mobs, the last 2 or 3 bosses i did, i did 198 dmg per hit.
Looking at other people hitting the same bosses with a normal damage weapons, they hit around the 500 damage range.
2handers 800-1300.

Honestly, holy seems like a crap damage type.
By Anonymous
The one guy saying very is an idiot. A golden Halberd + 9 is doing over 300 raw physical and 200 Holy + your scaling based on STR/FTH. The weapon absolutely annihilates things. You're clearing 800AR-827AR dmg with a +9 halberd at 40/40 in str/fth

Is it the best? Probably not, there's no one "best" weapon in Souls games. Anyone saying such is a moron. PvP is about movement, movesets and the actions you take deliberately. Everyone likes to say magic is great like miracles or sorcery builds in DS3. Just like DS3 everyone has a plan till a pyro with a massive sword, demon's scar or someone with dex and a long range weapon gets in your face while you're casting.

If you go STR/Fth with a golden halberd till you get Ordovis' Greatsword, you will tear through everything with some relative ease.
By Anonymous
It may as well be Standard Damage by another name but "Those who live in death" get screwed by it. Doesn't seem to work to well on the Bosses that matter though, being demigods and all. A shame but understandable.
By Anonymous
cipher pata and coded blade do good dmg unless the enemy is specifically resistant to holy
By Anonymous
I beat the Forest knight guy. the Golden Halberd he drops has holy damage.
By Anonymous
a fantastic weapon for early game faith/str builds. also has the golden vow weapon art that buffs weapon damage and physical defense, which is also an incantation that you won't get for awhile
By Anonymous
Anyone know if holy passively heals you?
By Anonymous
Been using it. 99% sure it doesn't, or it's negligible at the very least.
By Anonymous
It doesn't
By Anonymous
They need to take a look at some of these things. The art of war imbues your weapon with holy damage which lets you 1 shot undead creatures and prevents them from reviving. HOWEVER the Cipher pata, a HOLY DMG INNATE, fist weapon does NOT do this. So unless the classification of holy and holy essence is different they need to do some bug fixing
By Anonymous
I think in this game holy is just a damage type, stopping undead reviving is specific to certain weapons/abilities.

The occult upgrade path I believe is the one that stops undead revival.
By Anonymous
The holy water pots don't stop skeletons reviving when i tried.
By Sintua
There is holy DAMAGE, then there is a holy EFFECT. The EFFECT - often granted by arts of war - is specifically needed to cause the special action: "Stop undead creatures from respawning".

I too was frustrated by the lack of clarity on this. The holy damage is only for penetrating defenses
By Anonymous
Sintua, the Golden Epitaph perma kills skeletons despite not having an 'effect'.
By Anonymous
Holy damage doesn't stop the undead from reviving, it's not meant to stop them. Occult weapons (and some other weapons for lore reasons) do stop them.
By Anonymous
Im going for a holy strength build, with greatswords, Golden Halberd and holy miracles.
By Anonymous
You gonna suffer in mid-late...
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