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By Anonymous
From what I had heard about the game, I thought all the attack boosting talismans would be best for PvE, but I ended up with Estus Ring, Cloranthy Ring, Havel's Ring and Leo Ring/flex slot again lol.
By Anonymous
Anyone has suggestions for a dragonscale sword build? Mainly leaning on dex, frostbite and lighting.
By Anonymous
Do what every melee build does, crimson amber+3, bullgoat, shard of alexander, and either claw talisman or great jar arsenal if you dont do jumping attacks often
By Anonymous
Tempted to do a "pretend its ds3" build with dagger talisman, radagon's scarseal, silvercat talisman for no reason, and erdtree's favor +3. parry caestus and a pocket flame dagger. it would suck so much! can't wait
By Dante254
You can just play DS3, you know?
By Anonymous
Dante254 needs to calm down. Bro is mad in every comment section.
By Anonymous
do you tell mike tyson cosplayers that they can just play punch out? or people with katana that they can just play sekiro?
By Anonymous
Let us know how it goes
By Anonymous
Why is one a amibilecal cord
By Anonymous
bloodborne fan service
By Anonymous
Four talisman slots is too many
By Anonymous
We've had 4 since Dark Souls 2 and I've always had to force myself to make choices.
Less would kill build variety
By Anonymous
talismans force you to make a decision and can make or break a build
By Anonymous
Then dont use all four
By Anonymous
And gimp myself? No, it's too many in terms of game balance.
By Anonymous
you dont use talismans, they have a passive effect
By Anonymous
You dont play cuz you can hurt ppl on the game
By Anonymous
Notice how I'm replying to you OP? That's probably what you should have done.
By Anonymous
What's up with the aggressive reply? The function was broken when they posted this.
By Anonymous
Which button do I press to actually use talismans ive got them in slot but can't use them
By Anonymous
On PC the button combo to activate talismans is ALT + F4
By Anonymous
Go to your Equipment page, look down at the Talisman's section (4th row down). You can equip talismans from there. You cannot actually "use" them; there's no active button or anything. Talismans give you passive buffs.
By Anonymous
Talisman effects are always active while they're slotted.
By Anonymous
so what your saying is if i run rotten winged sword, lord of bloods exulatation, swaddling cloth, and bullgoat i become him
By Anonymous
Try to put all 8 talismans in your chest and then take them back again. it should give you the achievement...
By Anonymous
I Have all 8 talismans but my achievement wont unlock..... any help?
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