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By Anonymous
1.09: Stopping by to say that greatswords feel excellent to use now. Used to use them in DS3 all the time but they felt too slow or clunky in Elden Ring. The recent buffs make them soo smooth, and the horizontal 2H slashing R2 that some have come out very quickly and lead perfectly in to your choice of Weapon Art.
By Anonymous
I think they're still just a hair too slow in Elden Ring, but not especially so. At least now they're usable instead of being weaker versions of collossal swords.
By Anonymous
Yeah that's definitely fair. My major criticism is that most of them have a copy paste moveset, think the claymore is the only one with a poking r2? kinda sucks.
By Anonymous
Lol you make them any faster you better just delete everything smaller than these. That's basically already true for pvp
By Anonymous
I just want a ds1 style greatsword with the 1 handed poke
By Anonymous
Every greatsword-user must know this unofficial technique: Two-handed R1/RA + Untoggled Reverse Backstep + R1/RA
By Anonymous
Every greatsword-user must know this unofficial technique: R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1
By Anonymous
Better than colossal swords or straight swords, but not as good as halberds. I would say B tier weapon class.
By Anonymous
I mean halberds have always been the premier meta class anyway
By Anonymous
Knights gs is the best one
By Anonymous
Whats better for crits? infused lordsworn or sacred relic?
By Anonymous
Elden ring really hates int/fth builds, cus like four of these thematically should be int/fth and simply arent cus from couldnt be bothered to add int/fth damage scaling for fire, holy, and magic melee. Golden order greatsword having been int/fth wouldve been so good with golden order incants, helphens steeple and deaths poker are death weapons, and all their spells are int/fth too, and blasphemous blade is pure faith while rancor and the other magma stuff is both int and faith.

I just dont understand why theres no synergy between these things with the same origins and would be great for hybrid caster/melee builds and would open back up int/fth builds, ds2 and ds3 did so much more for broader build types
By Anonymous
Cuz ER doesn’t have any good way to make a hybrid build
By Anonymous
I wanted to write this off as idle complaining but you make some very good points. GOGS is especially egregious IMO, it’s begging for Faith/Int scaling
By Anonymous
As usual, this class of weaponry is filled with some really great swords!
I won't let the door hit me on the way out.
By Anonymous
Overhead R2 is godly now
By Anonymous
why is there so many greatswords and straigtswords? We don't need like half of these
By Anonymous
So you want less content?
By Anonymous
You can never have too many greatswords
By Anonymous
Apr 19, the idea is that you would spend those resources elsewhere. You know like some categories with only 4 weapons. Not a hard concept.
By Anonymous
May 10, straight swords and greatswords are weapons that thematically and gameplaywise are more versatile and more usable, the wide variety in elden ring is good for build customization. Yes, other weapons types have much less choice but you have to keep in mind that there's a DLC upcoming
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