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By Anonymous
Can't believe people are confining themselves to RL 150, much less RL 125, in a game that has softcaps sitting at 80. All in the delusion of attaining balanced PvP.
By Anonymous
In CS terms, the cost of leveling up is O(n^3), except for the first 11 levels, where it is O(n^2). Before I looked it up, I was pretty sure it was exponential, but it's more forgiving than that.
By Anonymous
Ng+7, the albinauric farm gives nearly 100k with rune boosting stuff and overkill. Nearly 1 million runes in about 5 min. 2nd easiest souls game to achieve max lvl, first being ds2 due to giant lord
By Anonymous
radogon only gives you half a million and to get to lvl 713 it takes 1,692,90,1
runes so you have to get ng+7 which means you had to fight radogon 7 times
and you had to fight the entire game without dieing 7 times in a row+ you need to trade for rune items

By Anonymous
nah you would need to fight him 18 times to go from 712 to 713.
By Anonymous
My personal favorite mid-game farming spot are the Deeproot Depths. Spawn "Across the Roots" (site of grace) and kill all Broken Statue enemies who will be facing in opposite direction so they should be an easy kill. I think there are 7 statues that each give around 3500 runes (I've had yellow eyes drop me 17500 runes (!) and off course there is always gold pickled fowl foot) so it should fetch around 25000 runes in a few minutes. I know it might not be the best spot but i like it because it's fast, safe and I even find it peaceful when the mausoleum is done.
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By Lazulite
Came here to post about this spot lol. With the gold scarab equipped, i just kill the 3 statues near the "Across the Roots" site of grace. 2 quick shots from Loretta's Greatbow at each of them gives you 12660 runes in under a minute without leaving the site of grace area
By Anonymous
If you don't wanna do the gargs, nokron is also decent. Sprint straight to the room with the silver tear boulder that drops mimics onto the floor. Wait a few seconds for them to pile up then use any AOE for giant rune explosion. Perhaps not the most efficient, but can easily give you over 20k per run plus extremely satisfying.
By Anonymous
Anyone try macro on pc?
By Anonymous
Yes. I got to max level in just under six days. Took some trial and error to ensure you wouldn't accidentally die, but it worked like a charm once you get it.
By Anonymous
why macro when we have cheat engine
By Anonymous
I am level 148 and I use Fort Faroth lower level only.

Over 9000 runes within 2 minutes when using spirit ashes and thunderbolt. Reset right out the door.

Any time I get to 75000 runes I go here and get to 150k within like 10-15 minutes, level up and then return to game progression
By Anonymous
There is an underground area that allows you to get close to 100,000 runes in 2 attacks if you are in NG+
By Anonymous
I rune dupe it gets me 40 million ever 3 minutes
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
At the grand cloister Lake of rot there’s a bunch of those bug things. They give almost 20000 runes, good for midgame
By Anonymous
If you have access to an aoe spell like Cannon of Haima or Lightning Strike, you can get 25k runes a run starting from the Nokstella, Eternal City site of grace. Kill the nox on the stairs and AoE the slimes. Aoe the slimes in the adjacent room. Run across the bridge and juke the living ball. You can easily juke the ball by just sprinting to the stairs and jumping over the statues connected to it, and wait for the ball to leave (if you do it right it will actually kill itself). At the top of the stairs crouch walk into the cathedral. Slimes will fall from the ceiling about 7 times before a living ball drops as well. If you hit the pack with one AoE, it will chain react and kill everything. Each run takes about 2 minutes, and gives around 25k. I've only died once because I was alt tabbed waiting for the slimes to drop. It got me from like 71 to 81 in about 30 minutes.
By Anonymous
Plus AOE'ing them all is extremely gratifying
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