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By Anonymous
Each class so far starts as lvl 5 and 87 points in various stats. In ds3 you had 9 attributes but in this game you have 8, cutting out vitality. in ds3 lvl cap was 802 with all stats being 99 assuming 99 is cap, then 8x99=792-87=705+5=710 lvl cap in elden ring.
By Anonymous
Almost correct. They all start at level 5. All but the Warrior has 67 points allocated. The warrior has a total of 69 points allocated.
By Anonymous
Actually meant 89.
By Anonymous
Wow thats weird wonder why they gave warrior 2 more points but still that would take them to 708 making 710 still the highest possible level.
By Anonymous
It's funny how everyone is wrong here on the starting level now that the game is released.
By Anonymous
Wretch should be level 712/713 when it finishes. Also the wretch starts at level 1 with 80 points total.
By Anonymous
My Samurai started with Level 9
By Anonymous
Correction, my previous post was for network test. Now its 80 levels at lvl1 +1 for each level up as we have always known, from previous games. So now its 99x8=792-80=712 level cap.
By Anonymous
Wretch starts at level 1 with 10 points per stat. That makes 89 level ups per stat required to cap everything, resulting in a maximum level of 713, not 712.
By Small_boy
If you get 320k experience per hour, you can level up to level 200 for 57 hours
By Anonymous
712 is
By Anonymous
I fit the data table provided, and found the level follows a Power function with the following formula, Runes = 0.733*(Level^3.217) or f(x) = 0.733*(x^3.217). Formula fits with R^2 of 0.9999, so a very tight fit at least given the data.
By Anonymous
fitting these values through cubic curve gave this: y=0.02x^3+3.30x^2+92.64^x−234.26
By Anonymous
This is completely wrong for this data because you probably included SL 1-12 in the model. If SL 1-12 is included, it completely throws off the data
By Anonymous
The glitch with the night calvery should note the path is poisoned.
By Anonymous
The equation for the number of runes required per level is y = 3.1213x^3 - 210.43x^2 + 11834x - 123945. R^2 = 0.9999
By Anonymous
This has negative values for some levels, also its not accurate at all. Try x=90, or x=17, or any level really against the table above
By Anonymous
Deeproot Depths contains sitting gargoyles that each go easily for 4k+ runes with about 4 or 5 of them together. They don't attack you unless you're directly in front of them.
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