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By Anonymous
I still miss the old "cut throat" gesture from DS2.
By Anonymous
Rennala is misspelled in the "balled up" description
By Anonymous
Well! What is it?
By Anonymous
I bought boiled prawn from Blackguard But I didnt get the gesture
By Anonymous
0/10 no "this ones me"
By Anonymous
It would be pretty neat to have that clawing-at-your-eyes-pose you do when you die from madness as a gesture
By Anonymous
Are the emotes for online only or do they serve some purpose in the non-CoOp single player mode?
I know that you need to use the finger snap to talk to....err, be talked Blaidd.
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By CptObvious1994
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Converted Tower and Converted Fringe Tower both need a certain gesture. Also, after sparing Patches and learning a gesture from him, you can attack him again, let him reduce you to low health, then use that gesture to get him to stop attacking you, which makes him friendly again and gives you another gesture.
By Anonymous
It’s actually a crime you cannot unlock the dance the people are doing up by the windmills in Altus.
By Anonymous
use "Hoslow's Oath" with no item in hand to flex your muscles respectfully, like a sort of "we've got this comrade" kinda dealio
By Anonymous
Is there one that says bye bye
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