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By Anonymous
No point down? Pre order canceled
By Anonymous
My only hope is that there is some form of shrug, if not the game is unplayable
By Anonymous
I hope for the pumped up emote that was my main emote that got me through ds2 making me giggle with my buddy.
By Anonymous
Anyone know how to get the chest pound?
By Anonymous
This is the real question.
By Anonymous
I need "this one's me" gesture from DS 2 and my beloved "point down" gesture. :O
By Anonymous
they removed point down, qol improvement
By Anonymous
and now they've added tea bagging. It's the trade off.
By Anonymous
point down is in the game tho lol
By Anonymous
Tired: Where's point down

Wired: Where's point up
By Anonymous
Best thing in DS3 was beating someone with miracles and pointing up
By Anonymous
They should add a middle finger hahaha :P
By Anonymous
Or a covert little finger.
By Anonymous
Point down removed...They can't be serious.
By Anonymous
You start with it, LARPer.
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