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By Anonymous
I think it's neat they add questlines like this, but the fact that it can only be done *online* is a bit of a problem. Some mods let you circumvent that, granted, but.. eh.
By Anonymous
My psn ran out so I guess im just screwed. Feels like fromsoft telling me to go f myself.
By Anonymous
Sir Maidenless
By Anonymous
The fight went in 3 crisp steps: 1. let's see who's scream is sweet now when I hit you with this death machine 9000 ! 2. oh no I feel kinda bad this guy is clearly mentally unwell. 3. metal flowers!!
By Anonymous
while invading you can go through the doorway and turn left, if you look down you can see Varre and you can easily cheese him
By Anonymous
His dialog when giving the player the Pureblood Knight's medal is missing from this page
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Updated, my lambkin.
By Anonymous
I've never felt such anger for someone. Kill him brethren. For he made us maidenless
By GremlinMan69
i always killed this guy instantly on every playthrough without actually knowing what his storyline was. since he seemed pretty pompous and gave festering fingers, i figured it was a good idea. i was correct.
By Anonymous
I really wish that they made it so that there were no NPC quests that REQUIRED you to take part in the online elements of the game. Like this quest matters quite a bit and yields some access to a good area early, giving great advantages. It forces players that might not even have access to online features to miss out. I am not sure I can remember that happening in a souls game before. Maybe in Dark Souls 1 where there was a quest that involved being able to obtain the Ring of Fog, where I think you had to invade 3 times for a covenant. However, there was an easy alternative that was able to yield you the Ring even if offline. And the quest was of very minor importance in that case.

I really hope in future updates that consider giving an alternate path to players that prefer to not engage in the online elements of this already classic masterpiece. It's fine if there are certain trophies and accomplishments that require online play to gain certain achievements, but not for basic story elements. Anyway, I hope they give this consideration or someone discovers a workaround, or both.
By Anonymous
Honestly doing enough recusant quests should have counted as invasions - you can get 3 done before entering Leyndell anyway
By Anonymous
U can get to moghwyns area without having to engage in this quest
By Anonymous
I wish I could find a Varré in my life :)
By Anonymous
I got you fam!

"You are maidenless." *vine boom sound effect*
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