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By Anonymous
I can understand not liking or trusted the Two Fingers but who looks at Mohg and thinks this is an improvement?
By Anonymous
1. Mohg essentially kidnapped Varré and some other war surgeons, and Varré was the only one who was actually up for it
2. Mohg offered love and acceptance ((manipulated him))
By Anonymous
I am I no longer able to invade his world if I've already killed Mohg? Also, I already got invaded by him three times and have his armor set.
By Anonymous
I've killed Mogh before finishing his quest so still doable, don't worry.
And for the second thing, they are Mogh's followers like Varre, but they aren't Varre, so still doable.
By Anonymous
ONLINE forced quest??? what a dumb idea...
By Anonymous
so I can ignore him telling me its too soon to go there yes?
By Anonymous
Acquiring Dragon Communion Spells: Eat five dragon hearts and become dragon-hearted with golden lizard eyes as proof. (Can be switched on/off at the mirror at Roundtable Hold)

Acquiring Pureblood Knight's Medal: Lose a finger (somewhere on your hand, metaphorically speaking) and gain bloodshot crimson eyes (Can also be switched on/off at the mirror in Roundtable Hold)

Acquiring both situational/conditional cosmetics at the same time: Cannot switch between what kind of eye alteration one wants at the mirror, as one thing somehow overwrites the other and you cannot switch between the two alterations at all.

My advice? If you want to keep your cool draconic eyes, don't do this guy's questline. Do it in NG+ or an alt char and just kill this disillusional highborn prick who's own god never loved.
By Anonymous
This was not the case for me btw. I completed varre's questline before eating a single dragon heart. Got the blood red eyes, tried to permaswitch to dragon eyes after eating 4/5/6 dragon hearts. Still red eyes :(

By Anonymous
Slaughtered that foul scumbag on sight. Guess I did the right thing after all.
By Anonymous
Not really, his quest line is the quickest way to reach Mohgs castle
By Anonymous
So just got to Mohgwyn's Palace by the portal on consecrated snowfields. Wondering if I could do his quest now since I currently have no subscription for online play.
By Anonymous
I despise this guy so much I never do his quest line. Everytime I start a new game I immediately kill him. His incessant taunting seriously gets under my skin.
By Anonymous
POV : you are a pirate player
By Anonymous
Offline question: Can you fulfill the 3 invasions requirement for his quest by doing the Volcano Manor invasions?
By Anonymous
No, I did all 3 volcano manor invasions and it did nothing. As he specified, you must use the bloody fingers for online invasions.
By Anonymous
In vanilla (1.00) it works, currently you hace to be online
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