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By Anonymous
That's what he gets for murdering our maiden! >:(
By Anonymous
tip, you can not use the other finger ( I think it is the one in the volcano ) for his quest.
By Anonymous
For the three invasions, you can return to your world right after loading in and it'll still count (1.05)
By Anonymous
he looks like jetstream sam under his mask lol
By Anonymous
Welp, guess I'm *** now
By Anonymous
In my playthrough he's disappeared from Rose Church and I never got round to speaking to him in order to get the medal, so not early access to mohgs area for me I guess.
By Anonymous
Find both halfs of the secret medallion, use then on dectus lift. In that area there is a teleporter above the anix yelough tunnel. Kill the sanquine noble that spawns near there. The portal is activated and you can enter the mogwhyn area.
By Anonymous
If the questline being complete is locked behind online, then with a game this size, you have to wonder... What ELSE did they do that to?
This is worse than the Dark Souls 2 Brotherhood of Blood/Blue Sentinels situation, because those you only had to go to New Game+ 50.
This, however, is a straight up lockout.
You want that rose hammer (for whatever reason) once servers are kneecapped, like they went and did to the previous games?
"Go screw yourself." is the response, apparently.
By Anonymous
There is a backup teleport to get to the Blood Palace, though I can't recall exactly where. Varre is just the quickest and easiest way to do it.
By Anonymous
It���s toward the west of the Consecrated Snowfield I think
By Anonymous
Jun 16 anon and Jun 20 anon don't get what's being complained about, we all know you can get there via Consecrated Snowfield what we mean is how **** it is that this weapon is locked behind reaching this area through his questline which requires online, so what happens to this weapon if you 1. Don't have PS Plus/Gamepass/etc 2. Don't have good internet(say from living outside of a town/city) and/or 3. What about years in the future when the servers get shut down like Demons Souls PS3 it will simply be unobtainable which is really dumb
By Anonymous
You MIGHT lose out on ONE **** weapon 10 years from now in a game with dozens and dozens of other weapons.b it's 2022, if you don't have internet how are you even posting here?
By Anonymous
I haven't killed Margit yet and he lets me choose the fly straight and true thing
By Anonymous
Why is he hot under his mask wtf-
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It's very odd that they locked his questline behind online mode. Was this intentional or merely an oversight? It's not exactly characteristic of them to do this as you were able to farm covenant items in previous games.
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