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By Anonymous
Where are his maidens? HMM?
By Anonymous
Dead, because he killed them to soak his favor in blood, as required to be a servant of Mohg.
By Anonymous
Just one thing to add killing Irina also ends Hyettas questline
By Anonymous
I am playing offline and defeated Magnus the Beast Claw and he even invaded me three times near the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance. Yet, I can't invade him in the Palace and when I talk to him in Liurnia he still asks to use the fingers
By Anonymous
Fake news. The Magnus part works flawlessly when playing offline. Have done it dozens of times by now.
By Anonymous
[When you start the game, your Maiden is right there in front of you...already dead. Who did you think was responsible?]
By Anonymous
There is, quite literally, no way that Varre murdered your maiden if that is what 24 mar is trying to say. There is no way for him to get into the Chapel of Anticipation, murder your maiden and then get back. Waygate at the Four Belfries is inactive when you arrive, so he didn't used it. And the reason Varre knows that you are maidenless is that, surprise!Maidens are a living breathing physical beings that travel by the side of their Tarnished, not bodiless spirits like Melina, and you clearly do not have one with you.
By Anonymous
let's not assume that waygates, once opened for one, are opened for all, forever.
By Anonymous
Ah, yes, the only thing worse than Ranni simps: Varre simps.
By Anonymous
Ranni at least gives you a cool laser sword, this dastard only hands out sass
By Anonymous
my beloved
By Anonymous
The quest notes should definitely mention that if you do his quest your character's eyes will change.
By Anonymous
You can use the mirror near Fia at the roundtable to change your eye color back.
By Anonymous
You can change your eyes back if you use the mirror near Fia at the roundtable hold to edit your appearance.
By Anonymous
Grundar grundar grundar
By Anonymous
Dude guides you to the DLC after you purchase it
By Anonymous
I expected a femboy from his attitude and voice, then saw his face in some yt vid and was like... nvm
By Anonymous
any man can be your wife if you want him to be.
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