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By Anonymous
I'm literally obsessed with him, FromSoft what have you done to me?
By Anonymous
~oh, lambkin.
By Anonymous
go to the starting area he first appears at if u cant find him at rose church and then talk to him and after that go to roundtable hold. after u do all of this he will be at rose church
By Anonymous
Why isnt he appearing at the rose church for me
By Anonymous
I think Varre tricked the Albinaurics headed to Haligtree to use the Portal to Mohgwyn instead, to help build Mohgs dynasty, inadvertently creating our little rune farm area.
By Anonymous
Varré reminds me of Kabuto un Naruto.
Both are medics idolising a mad man
By Anonymous
Super annoying how you need to go towards the end of the game just to find some invasion sign in one specific location to complete his task after the bloodrose church if you don't have online play.
Would it really kill them to add one inside the church literally behind Varré?
By Anonymous
altus plateau is a mid game area lmao
By giltheone
It's funny that you think that's towards the end of the game. Even if you skip a bunch of stuff, you're nearing the middle of the game when you reach that area -- and even then, that middle section is a LOT of game. To be precise, I would say you're at the beginning of the middle third of the game when you reach Writheblood Ruins.
By Anonymous
god i want him
By Anonymous
"Bless the Mohgwyn Dynasty, with love!" I somehow got this dialog in Patch 1.06 after I received the pure blood knight metal and killed him immediately at the church. I never got it again after several more attempts to get the dialog in future runs.
By Anonymous
fockin hell i just killed this man because i thought atoning could revive npcs (info got from wiki page) but then he didnt fockin revive and now i cant go to mohgwyn palace until after i beat morgott
By Anonymous
i killed Mohg, and almost forgot to kill him before going for the Elden Beast. Watching him beg for his dead god that i killed probably feels a lot more satisfying than killing him BEFORE Mohg, so long assh0le, may you AND Mohg rot in the ocean of a trillion bloodflies!
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