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By Anonymous
No Maidens?
By Anonymous
He keeps trying to sell me "Mogecoin" and saying it'll be worth double the runes eventually. How do I tell him to leave me alone
By Anonymous
I felt kind of bad watching Varre die after finally invading him in Mohgwyn Dynasty. His lord abandoned him after proving his worth as a loyal disciple/recruiter. I know it’s meant to show how Mohg only cares about his Miquella/moth cocoon project, but they did my boy White Mask dirty.
By Anonymous
I think Mohg just genuinely couldn't hear him. Mohg himself isn't a god, Varre was just pleading out loud to the world as his life left him. I think the moment was meant to show that Varre really was fully devoted to Mohg, since we could have our doubts seeing as he comes off as untrustworthy or dishonest. The moment feels like a revelation that he really did believe in what he was doing. As far as we know, Mohg didn't abandon him so much as he didn't know or couldn't do anything about it. The time of the new dynasty is apparently not now after all.
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What's this about being able to get a second great-stars by doing this offline? since when? I would have much preferred another great-stars than that bunch or roses I got for killing vaare that's for sure. Why isn't that mentioned anywhere?
By Anonymous
You can still get the 2nd great stars by invading the new NPC in writheblood ruins. Even if Varre and Mohg are dead. It probably wasn’t listed because it’s a new addition.
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why do some people say white faced varre instead of white mask varre? is it different in different languages or countries?
By Anonymous
Can't speak for all of localizations, but in russian he is indeed called "Белоликий", which is basically White-faced, but without a hyphen.
It may be that there are other ones, judging by how common it is. Japanese, perhaps?
By Anonymous
Want to add that with the 1.06ver at the part where you need to invade beast claw, you don't need to defeat him, just invade 3 times regardless of the result you can still head back to Varrus and progress. Just a quick tip for lower level players who may not be able to kill him.
By Anonymous
Can you tell me the location to invade? Been looking for the offline invasion option since news of the update.
By Anonymous
Can confirm that you don't have to actually defeat the new NPC as of patch 1.06. Tested it and just entered his world 3 times and died and went to Varré and he gave me the cloth portion of the quest.
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The CEO of Maidenless.
By Anonymous
The offline NPC you defeat drops a SECOND GREAT STARS (that is two within a single playthrough), something that could benefit a variety of builds. Worth doing at least that component of the quest even if you aren't doing anything with Arcane.
By Anonymous
as of patch 1.06, offline players can finally progress his questline without having to invade other players
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