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By Anonymous
Church of inhibitions is much easier guys, no need for church of anticipation
By Anonymous
When you return with the bloody cloth he gives a choice to join his covenant, if you accept he cuts off your finger which you use to invade, and an emblem that when used sends you to another location. you can find his summon sign through a doorway close to the second grace point. Invade his world and kill him for his weapon. a Rose mace that does bleed damage and has a quick poke attack.
By Anonymous
Can you kill him to graft your finger back on?
By Anonymous
He doesn't cut it off, he breaks it. If you look at the art for it, there's a pretty obvious fade-out effect around the base of it, impying it's still attached, whereas the other finger items are clearly severed.
By Anonymous
He doesn't actually cut off your finger, he basically pumps some of the covenants blood into you via the finger nail. Read the lore on it and pay attention to what he says.
By Anonymous
He will get mad and invade you if you enter mohgs domain too early
By Anonymous
dont kill him at the start, doing his quest and going to mohgwyns palace, there is an invasion sign to invade his world and beat the **** out of him.
By DrSchultz
Thats what I wanted to hear! Wanted to kill him since the start, the douche! Haha thanks mate!
By Anonymous
It seems this questline and the volcano manor questline are exclusive to one another, if you use the transport item before it is “ready” you are considered a traitor regardless if you tell the round table it’s location. You do not fight him twice, you get invaded by an unknown whiteface (the name of their attire) you can tell because he uses a unique hammer that causes bleed and much more damaging spells.
By Anonymous
What's the transport item?
By Anonymous
Can confirm volcano manor invasions do not count, I haven't done any multiplayer invasions and three volcano manor invasions so far: it hasn't progressed his dialogue
By Anonymous
Confirmed, the Volcano manor invasions do not count for his quest. Neither does using the Recusant finger, it seems you must use the Festering Bloody fingers he gives.
By Anonymous
There's a spot In mohg's area where you can invade him. Not sure what you get for killing him since I haven't been able to yet.
By Anonymous
I don't know if this is related to this particular npc, but upon finishing his quest, which is getting a blood of a maiden and also receiving finger for invasion, my character's eyes become red like blood, it's kinda weird since my character's eyes are blue. I'm still unsure though whether it's because of this npc's questline or not.
By Anonymous
I think your eye colour changes based on who you side with in questlines or something similar, my character had bloodred eyes but after I defeated Godrick and received the wisdom of the two fingers my eyes turned yellow, I am just about to side with Mohg though so I can test it right now.
By Anonymous
Yeah it seems to happen right after giving him the maiden blood and he messes with your finger.
By Anonymous
I just tested it, my eyes were red at the start but after I received the wisdom of the two fingers my eyes turned yellow, and now after I completed this questline they turned bloodred.
By Rathial
You can invade and kill him at the end of his questline

Killing him gives you x6 Festering Bloody Finger and Varre's Bouquet
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