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By Anonymous
actually, I killed him at the start and he dropped festering bloody finger x6
By JemJem
how do I get his weapon?
By Anonymous
He said I would die in obscurity so I made sure right from the go so would he. I don't care if i messed up his questline. Shouldn't talk ****! Ain't so tough now!
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
after you are told to get maiden blood you go back to the starting area by going through the highest gate in the four belfry hill then you get the permanent invasion item
By Anonymous
Do you mean highest as in highest on the ground or tallest? I used my imbued key at the second tallest on with a gate and it didnt work.
By Anonymous
if killed when you first meet him it could drop 6 festering bloody finger
By Anonymous
1. You need to beat godrick.
2. 2. Go back and talk to the guy who is in front of the first steps bonfire.
3. He has moved to rose chapel in Liruina lake. He will give you 5 bloody fingers
4. I used these and won an invasion without going back to him. You may need to win you may not. You might be able to use the road soapstone with a friend. I dont know the exact specifics. Just use em and try to win.
5. Go back he will give you a cloth and say you need the blood of a maiden if you accept his pact.
6. Go to the four belfries, go to the highest one and grab the item. Use it on the eastern most tower.
7. Kill boss and run all the way to the old "start" and interact witha corpse.
8. Return to dude at rose chapel.
By Anonymous
no need to win
By Anonymous
no need to win
By Anonymous
To get the maidens blood go to the the Four Belfries grace, get the key from the top belfry, then find the gate that says something of Anticipation, go through there and kill the boss, run across the bridge and inside the chapel there will be a dead maiden on the left, interact with her to soak the thing in blood
By Anonymous
I���m on mobile and it disliked your comment! I apologize
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Habe grade ausversehen den Npc WEISSGESICHTIGER VARRÉ getötet wisst ihr ob das schlimm ist ? Ich hoffe nicht
By Anonymous
Best character. Only people that dislike him are noobs who spend 20 minutes trying to summon fingers, only to die to their own fail jump when locked on.
By Anonymous
I hate him because my character wakes up and crawls out of his little hole just to be dissed by this maggot of a guy.
By Anonymous
Maybe they should ���try jumping���
By Anonymous
Maybe they should ���try jumping��� instead of disliking truth.
By Anonymous
His build sucks. He's a typical overconfident pvper and deserves his early death, he's practically begging for it
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