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By Anonymous
Probably my favorite NPC ever in a souls game. First NPC you meet and he tells you that you have no b*ches and that you should kill yourself NOW!
By Anonymous
Drops 6x Festering Bloody Fingers.

Source: I just killed the ****er
By Anonymous
This seems wrong. The dialogue written here is not what I heard him say to me. He was actually kinda respectful and helpful. I don't wanna kill him unless he drops something...
By Anonymous
Killing him was satisfying, do I miss out on anything important by doing so though?
By Anonymous
I think we might miss out on the permanent invading item lol
By Anonymous
Where to find someone else's maiden to kill for his quest?
By Anonymous
Needed for the bloody finger I believe. After invading once after you meet him in Rose Church he will give you a cloth and ask you to kill a maiden. No clue what to do after
By Anonymous
That club and magic he uses is insane!
By Anonymous
Yea I killed him. Hope it didn’t **** stuff up lol
By Anonymous
Has anyone found how to finish his questline yet?
By Anonymous
After carrying out at least one successful invasion with a Festering Bloody Finger after speaking with him at the Rose Church, he offers you a "Lord of Blood's Favor" which you need to soak with the blood of a maiden. Can't see any candidates at the moment and no further information is listed. Guessing this is the questline to obtain a permanent invasion item. Would advise against killing him right now, as tempting as it is
By Anonymous
go to four belfries travel through the top gate and backtrack to the place you first started and its there
By Anonymous
If you talk to him after having joined the hold, he asks if you want a seat if you say yes, he explain in a vague foreboding maner that you must aquire a great rune and two finger to see the guiding elders or something.
By Anonymous
What happens if you say no I don't need a seat?
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