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CORRECTION : First kill a new NPC in writheblood ruins, return to Varre then kill any maiden. Closes is probably Irina but theres one in the Chapel of Anticipation too.
By Anonymous
NEW OFFLINE METHOD : killing Irina past the Bridge of Sacrifices in Weeping Peninsulum. Not sure when or if she move but shes there early.
By Anonymous
New patch notes say they added a way to complete his quest offline.
By Anonymous
Well this 1.06 change gives me some new Speedrun ideas
By Anonymous
patch 1.06 added a new method t complete his quest offline. I'm too lay for ng+, any heads up how to do so?
By Anonymous
Invadeable NPC at the Writheblood Ruins in Altus Plateau. Kill them, and Varré will then carry on his quest as it normally would.
By Anonymous
New NPC related to his quest was added according to 1.06 patch
By Anonymous
They put you into this invasion in WAY too good of a position, you basically have to HARD wiff to not manage to easilly kill him in the invasion
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note if you dont want to do pvp you can invade then use the finger severer and still count, just invade then leave
By Anonymous
His questline is literally just a worse version of Leonhard's quest

Leonhard's quest just needed you to have a single pale tongue in your inventory, whether you won it from invasions, got it from some random dead body, or even farmed the darkwraiths.

Varre's quest requires you to have internet connection or even worse, an online subscription. There's also no pale tongue equivalent to show Varre you actually did invade since Fromsoft decided to cut covenants from the game, even though this is literally the game that had a lot of covenant potential. The tiny bone that is thrown to us is that you only have to invade 3 times in order for progress in his quest to count, but it has to be with other players, not stuff like the recusant requests

Oh well, at least doing Varre's quest gives you early access to the white mask for bleed builds, one of the best rune farming spots in the game (the poor albinaurics), a super early Mohg fight, and most importantly, you can get Varre's bouquet of flowers which he whacks you with (though I never see anyone use that weapon so I'm assuming that it sucks).
By Anonymous
Well then, they just added a non multiplayer way to do his quest.
By Anonymous
As of patch 1.06 it is possible to complete this questline while offline.
By Anonymous
You spoke a couple days too early
By Anonymous
Irony. This dude calls you finger maidenless, (even though he killed your maiden) but this dude has not even a finger maiden of his own.

How can he talk s*** to you when he himself is without a finger maiden. Think about that varre >:D
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