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By Anonymous
Dragon Communion and Cult incantations should've been one category.
By hytricksy
Dragon communion = eating the dragon to get their power, kind of tribalistic and the dragons don't like it. Dragon cult = dragons are cool let's worship them and have lightning powers, some dragons are ok with it. Not the same at all.
By Anonymous
No, they shouldn't have. The dragon cult worshipped the dragons, in game lore says one took human form to be closer to the dragon knights who worshipped her, apparently she was especially fond of Vyke.

Dragon communion is pretty much the polar opposite to that, it involves hunting the dragons, killing them and then cutting their hearts out to be eaten so that some of their power would be absorbed by those who took part.
By Anonymous
Dragon Communion = Eat Dragon hearts to try and become a Dragon and gain immortality (But typically just become a Magma Wyrm...)

Dragon Cult = Pray to Dragons and the Dragon God and recieve the same magic that the Ancient Dragons use.

They're quite different categories, which is why they also use different stats (Dragon Communion uses Arc because it's trying to transmogrify you into a Dragon, hence why you also get draconic eyes from communing. While Dragon Cult is pure Fth because it's praying to a god much like other pure Fth incantations)

The only questionable thing would be Placidusax's Ruin could probably be Dragon Communion given it manifests Placidusax's heads in the same way as the Dragon Communion incants (The only thing it's lacking is obtaining it through communion as you instead get it from a remembrance)
By Anonymous
101 incantations
By Anonymous
You don’t really need one.
By Anonymous
No Homeward equivalent and no homeward bone equivalent, so if you find out you're woefully unprepared for a boss any Runes you had on you at the time are just gone barring co-op assistance.
By Anonymous
If you get the twiggy cracked tear, you can get your runes, drink the physick, and quickly off yourself to keep your runes
By Anonymous
Also you can literally just quit the game and when you start it back up you'll be outside the boss arena. At which point you can just teleport anywhere.
By Anonymous
No sunlight spear :(
By Anonymous
Just went though the list and didn’t see it. What’s the thing that chains that boss to the floor? It looks like a holy incant to me
By Anonymous
That's an item, idk which boss you're talking about but it's one of the "____'s Shackle" items. You can get the first one from Patches and the second one in Leyndell's "sewers."
By Anonymous
thats a shackle its not an incant
By Anonymous
Margit's shackle?
By Anonymous
I think you might be referring to Margit/Mohg's shackles. They aren't an incantation, rather they are items.
By Anonymous
It's an item called Margit's Shackle and it only works on Margit/Morgott and I think somehow you can maybe use it on Mohg.
By Anonymous
Margits shackle and/or Mohgs shackle
By Anonymous
That's Margit's Shackle, you can get it from Patches once you get him as a vendor. U can find him in Murkwater Cave to start the steps to get him as a vendor
By Anonymous
Margit/ Mohg's shackles. They're items that can only be used against those 2 bosses.
By Anonymous
It's not an incantation it's a shackle. It's either Mohgs or margits shackle. It works on a select few bosses
By Anonymous
its not an incant, “mohgs shackle” is one of these items and its used like a throwable.
By Anonymous
That'd be Margit's Shackle or Mohg's Shackle which are reusable items (Also, they dispell illusory walls in a MASSIVE area when used outside of their specific boss fight)
By Anonymous
it is an item that can be bought off of patches I think margits shackle.
By Anonymous
It's an item related to the omen bosses called a shackle, presumably you saw Margit's shackle in action. They stun only the specific boss they're name after and only work a couple of times
By Anonymous
Margit or mohg's shackle, they're usable items
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By Charleezard4
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One of the shackles? Theres Margit's Shackle and Mohgs Shackle. It's an infinite use item. Chains the boss to the floor for a few seconds allowing for some hits on, think it can nly be used 3 times in a fight
By Anonymous
You might be thinking of the shackles, if so, they’re reusable items that can be found (not incants) and there are only two. The two are named for the specific boss that they bind, and they can’t bind other bosses
By Anonymous
Moghs shackle or something like that, it's an item, only works for the one boss
By Anonymous
It’s called the (respective boss) shackle, i think there’s one for margit/morgott and mohg, maybe there’s others too
By Anonymous
Hey not sure if anyone mentioned it yet but that's the Shackle item, just wanted to make sure to take the time to comment it because it appears these 18 other people didn't already answer your question
By Anonymous
Anyone else notice that in-game incantations are sorted by "purity," for lack of a better word? Two Fingers and Erdtree incantations are at the very top while Three Fingers, blood and dragon communion incantations are the bottom. It's similar to sorceries where you'll glintstone sorceries in the highest and death sorceries in the lowest row.
By Anonymous
I feel like there should be more frost incantations
By Anonymous
I think we have enough for int
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I dunno, it seems like what we have makes sense. Frost is a magical effect while Incantations are divine in nature. There doesn't appear to be any power in game provided by the Moon Goddess as all her followers are referred to as "Witches" whom practice Sorcery to use the power of the Moon.

Outside of gifts from the Moon Goddess, the only remaining source of Frost incantations would be Dragons. But for Dragon Communion, we already have the basic Frost dragonbreath as well as Borealis' version. While Ice Lightning seems to be specific to the artificially created Dragonkin Soldiers, of which we only fight a few, as well as them all dropping something that does Ice Lightning (Dragonscale Blade, Dragon Halberd and of course Frozen Lightning Spear).

Maybe we can get another Ice Lightning incantation from a Dragonkin Soldier in DLC.
By Anonymous
To be fair, Frost is more of Sorceries' thing.
By Anonymous
You guys get lightning. Let us keep Frost.
By Anonymous
a quick tip: if you want to use a buff before a fight as pure melee or sorcerer, just jug a faith- knot tear for extra 10 faith. No need to spend points in faith at all. You can apply most buffs 2 or 3 times while tear is active as it lasts for 3 minutes
By Anonymous
Indeed, but I think the sweet spot is 15 faith, like that you can cast the sweet, juicy golden vow, and the rest of the time you can cast very usefull incantations like bestial vitality (health regen) or flame grant me strength. Oh and you can also cast several dragon incantations with 12 in arcane. If you min max you can switch talismans but I prefer to have those 5 points to access a good chunk of the most useful buffs
By Anonymous
I want an incantation that is like bloodflame talons, but instead of blood its lighting

you know, the attack the dragon lord does 99% of the time
By Anonymous
I agree. That attack from the dragon lord is pretty annoying.
By Anonymous
Regardless of what build you're using, packing some kind of projectile is an invaluable asset. Many bosses are insufferable to deal with in melee, so attacking them with range allows you to control the fight on your own terms. I would recommend magic over projectiles, as FP costs nothing to replenish. — Courh the Explorer
By Anonymous
Sad that theirs no frenzy dragon that would be cool
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