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By Anonymous
Man fromsoft is super good at accidentally making the early game spells be the best spells for the whole game by being extremely cheap to cast and high damage, I hope they tune a lot of the later incantations to be a bit more useful compared to the fast casting spells you find early game
By Amitch79
it's laughable how slow some of these casting times are for incantations
By Anonymous
There is another dragon cult incantation in leyndell
By Anonymous
I miss lightning stake so much bros.
By Anonymous
Elden Ring doesn't have a simple lightning stake, sadly. However, it has like 3 or even more fancier lightning stakes :D
By Anonymous
Poison Armament's description says "northwestern" here when it should be "northeastern". Do not include "near Street of Sages Ruins", because it aint true
By Amitch79
If you've just started the game and are planning on using incantations, either restart the game and go for a Dex/Int build or respec at Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. no point waiting for a buff that'll never come to fruition. RIP Sunlight bros
By Anonymous
Bro, you're just bad
By Anonymous
Everything in this trash fire game is Dex/Int. Even weapons.
By Anonymous
incantations are mainly for pvp. not so useful in pve except buffs
By Anonymous
No ancient version of lightning spear... disappointing.
By Anonymous
yes there is, its literally second thing on the list
By Anonymous
There's always DLC... so here's hoping. Could do with a good Lightning Stake, too.
By Anonymous
There is a weapon called bolt of gransax with ancient lightning spear as a ash of war
By Anonymous
Can the incantations by type page name what seals actually support each type? Seriously, how the **** am i supposed to know which one of these is a fundamentalist incantation??
By Anonymous
Fundamentalists is just golden order, that's why it's called the golden order seal
By Anonymous
The golden order incantations are the fundamentalist ones, it tells you what type a spell is on its page
By Anonymous
Played through the whole game on a faith/dex build, and I enjoyed it immensely, at least for PvE. To be honest I have very few complaints about Incantations as a whole, but the sore spots are definitely... well, sore spots. Wanted to talk up the Incantations for a second before I began complaining about them.

Your best damaging spell for the entire game is going to be 'Lightning Spear' regardless of how much I wanted to use the cool as hell "Death Lightning", "Fortisaxx's Lightning Spear", or "Lansseax's Glaive", or several other incantations. Honorable mentions go to 'Wrath of Gold', 'Black Flame', and 'Frenzied Burst', at least for Offensive Incantations. Those 4 were pretty solid and in some situations felt great.

For utility/healing, I don't think Incantations need any help at all. 'Golden Vow', 'Protection of the Erdtree', and 'Blessing of the Erdtree', were basically always attuned for me in the latter half of the game, because of how great their stacking was for bosses, or even running through particularly difficult parts of the areas. My only problem lies in the fact that all of the epic, late game Incantations require you to hover for 1-2 seconds, are melee/short only, have no hyper armor (Black Blade is an exception in this case), and feel as if they do barely more damage than 'Lightning Spear'. The epic Incantations for sure hit harder initially, but the casting time + how easily you can be interrupted make them sometimes unfun to use, and you can get two Lightning Spears out in the time of 1 of these, and from further range.

Realistically, I think unless you're doing FTH + INT/ARC you'll mostly want to use it for buffing yourself/allies, and only a few offensive spells. Even the last 2-3 bosses of the game, I was only offensively using Lightning Spear, and Black Blade, if the boss wasn't focusing me. I still very thoroughly enjoyed Incantations, and will definitely use them again, but with a few touch-ups here and there they could really shine on their own.
By Anonymous
Giants flame take thee is amazing.
By Anonymous
I think some people don't realise that they may be one of the strongest type in the game. You have access to all the buffs and some incantations do insane damage (but yes, are also very slow to cast). But for it to shine you need to stack all the buffs you can before each boss. Now I think that if they lowered the damage but increased the cast speed it would be more fun to play with. Example, I often fought Maliketh in coop, level 150, and basically I was buffing a lot, then I tried to land a fully charged Ancient Dragons' Lightning Strike. If I had a good RNG I could hit somewhere between 2k and 8k (so, double RNG). Second phase was easier because you can stop him with the claw thing, so it's less RNG dependent. But yeah, it seems you need to take hits so you can cast some incantations, that quickly become boring to play.
By Anonymous
Sad that theirs no frenzy dragon that would be cool
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