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By Anonymous
I am (again) the guy who posted incants>sorceries. Just wanted to say, whoever replied “cool nobody asked”, I agree. I am a nerd. Also I have no problem with people who play sorceries, I simply enjoy incants far more. But that’s my personal opinion.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Incants are objectively cooler and there is no shame in preaching so
By Anonymous
cool nobody asked
By Anonymous
just run int/fai and get the best of both worlds lmao
By Anonymous
I’m (again) the guy who posted incantations are better than sorceries. This is specifically a reply to the first reply to my previous incantation>sorceries rant. Even if I relied on summons ,(which I dont) it sounds to me like you rely on meteorite of Astel and comet azur. If anything is OP, that is. Also Honed bolt>Swift glimstone shard. Ya know why? More range, far better in pvp, and much better crowd control. Also, yes, rock sling was beat by ekzykes decay. By a very long shot. With Lords Divine Fortification, the elden beast’s spells can literally be facetanked and Radagon’s aoe’s are pretty much nothing, and you want sniping? Give lightning spear or frenzied burst a try. Giantsflame take Thee is unmatched, and incantations can heal you. Golden Vow is the best buff in the game without question.The only good buff sorceries have doesn’t exist.
By Anonymous
who asked
By AshuraZero
"incantations are better because i don't know anything about spells"
By Anonymous
Ancient Dragon lightning strike can 2 cast elden beast. It’s not trash.
By Anonymous
The Poison Armament description says "Dropped an invisible scarab beetle on the northwestern shore of the Aeonia Swamp in Caelid, near the Street of Sages Ruins" I've been running around the north western part of the map for like 5 minutes then I checkd the page for the incantation and it says Northeastern, and the location in the map is also on the north eastern part. Fix this description.
By Anonymous
As human history shows: intelligence is for nerds and faith is pretty cool.
However, in this games world faith actually does something besides nice thoughts.
By Anonymous
That's so offensive I love it
By Anonymous
I’m the guy who posted the “Incantations are better than sorceries, prove me wrong” comment. Rock sling: Beat by Elzykes decay, giantsflame take thee, and ancient dragon lighting strike when it comes to melting. Swift glimtstone shard: Beat easily by honed bolt. Loretta’s Sorceries: Beat by Ancient dragon lightning strike in power and AOE. Carian blades: I’ll give this one to you, they’re really good, but bestial sling is better short range because of insane poise damage. Blasphemous Blade gets a 40% buff just using flame, grant me strength, I’m pretty sure immutable shield can compete with scholars shield, and don’t even try to compete with golden vow, and there is nothing that trivializes the final boss like lords divine fortification and ancient dragon lightning strike. I rest my case.
By Anonymous
Rock Sling beat by Ezykes Decay? Lel no. Acienct Dragon Lightning Strike being anything but utter garbage? Lel no. Swift Glintstone > Honed Bolt. Loretta's Sorceries are great for sniping enemies, Ancient Dragon Lighting Strike is utter trash (Slow and no range) in comparison.

Nothing trivializes the final boss like those skills? Comet Azur and Meteorite of Astel deletes them no problem.

Sounds like you're relying on OP Spirit Ashes as a crutch to make use of these spells that have "A lot of utility" but in reality have long casts that are not good against most bosses.
By Anonymous
cool but like nobody asked
By Anonymous
i agree with you but the only sorcery thats better (not really better just annoying without bloodhounds step) is stars of ruin
By Anonymous
Yeah no swift glintstone and Carian slicer has no better alternatives in faith. Swift does dumb damage in pvp and can actaully roll catch if you are good at predicting and is reaction damage if the other player does anything close to you or a 1 to 2 second animation. Carian slicer with everything that buffs magic damage is literally like 2k at least per slice and your hitting like twice every second for like 4 fp per cast.

Lets be honest tho for PVE yeah faith has an edge but only because you can mega buff yourself but I would say for pvp sorceries have better spells. Like going pure faith compared to pure int for pvp pure INT is just better.
By Anonymous
I think a lot of this is apples and oranges. Swift glintstone is more comparable to bestial sling or lightning spear, all very good spells, and loretta's is more of a sniper spell like frenzied burst. Rot breath is more comparable to comet azur than rock sling, CA being useful for obliterating a single target in a few seconds, and rot breath being useful for killing everything in a wide area either immediately or in 30 seconds, or after a second cast for bosses. Having used both but personally preferring faith by quite a bit, I'd say pure faith is a better setup than pure INT PvE wise because of its versatility. The overwhelming majority of an INT caster's arsenal is magic/physical damage projectiles and conjured magic damage swords, with little in the way of buffs/utility and no healing options. Faith has abundant access to every damage type but magic (just the glintstone/frost breaths), useful buffs for basically every situation, and healing spells that vastly improve your health/flask returns. ADLS is one of the best spells in the game, and while it falls a bit short of comet azur for melting bosses, unlike CA it's not useless outside of that, being practically a nuclear bomb against groups of enemies. As for carian slicer, it definitely is better than its faith counterpart, catch flame, in every regard but poise damage and buffability. But having used both, they both vaporize PVE so quickly it's hard to notice a difference.

Faith loses to INT in terms of raw damage per cast, but is leaps and bounds more versatile and has a much higher effectiveness ceiling for PVE than INT. Ironically, it just takes a few more brain cells to get it there.

By Anonymous
Try posting this three to five more times and you might convince others.
Oh wait, you did, and yet you didn't convince others...
By Anonymous
Comet azure with constant cast build
By Anonymous
A gravity spell that increases weight and poise by a ton but makes u far heavier, or one that makes u a lot lighter.
By Anonymous
stop youre giving me tranquil walk of peace ptsd
By Anonymous
I want the incantation that gives you wings like the Stormhill evergaol jerk.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
that would be fun, this **** game is not about having fun.
By Anonymous
Would be cool to have some gravity buffs something that gives more poise/ less weight or a gravity spell like glint blade phalanx where you can cast and have like 3-4 small tracking meteors floating around you as you run or a meteor spell kinda like the flame fell god or rannis dark moon would be cool too turn into a metor for a second like rahdan
By Anonymous
Hear me out... it would be a dope passive buff if weapon buffs like electric armament, cragblade, etc enhanced the blocking ability of weapons themselves...
Let me live out my MGR fantasy and block effectively with Katanas.
By Anonymous
Sad that theirs no frenzy dragon that would be cool
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