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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
a fancy version of the Faraam armor set, what's not to love?
By Anonymous
I got more Elite Knight than Faraam Knight because of the helm
By Anonymous
A true spellsword build without borrowing from other factions. This game will be my favorite If there are more unique int/arc weapons.
By Anonymous
So sad they didn’t make this a class
By Anonymous
Me too. It would have been a nice callback to the Temple Knight from Demon's Souls.
By Anonymous
drip knight
By Anonymous
Elden bling fr
By Anonymous
It’s not there
By Anonymous
Download the day 1 patch. Lots of **** isn't in the game without it
By Anonymous
There wasn't a cape on it before.... Did they add for the launch? It completely is blowing me off from the armor I most enjoyed. THANKS FROMSOFT
By Anonymous
Just use tailoring tools to take it off then.
By Anonymous
You can alter the armor when resting at a site of lost grace
By Anonymous
calm down. you can remove it easily at any site of grace by using the tailoring tools, which you can find in limgrave in the cave with the demi-human chiefs bossfight
By Anonymous
You can remove the cape at a grace or boc
By Anonymous
You can remove the cape via transmog.
By Anonymous
you can alter it so that there isnt the cape, just has slightly lower stats
By Anonymous
You can take the cape off with the golden sewing kit
By Anonymous
looks better altered in my opinion, peak elden bling
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