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By Anonymous
Power stance these to become a nutribullet
By Anonymous
Took my first run way too long to find the poster-kid for one of the best weapon classes ever. Once I did, though, this cold-infused piece of awesome made things really damn enjoyable on the spellblade build.
By Anonymous
Makes me wish there were quarterstaves in Elden Ring.
By Anonymous
I dont know about powerstancing, but twohanding this sucks. When fighting enemies, bosses in particular, you usually only get first tick before they move. Bleed procs are nice, but basicly only way to deal serious damage. Katanas and curved swords are better.
By Anonymous
its a weapon to melt slow bosses. you got no chance on maliketh or godfrey, but any boss that lets you have a fully charged heavy is melted. axe talisman, rotten winged sword insignia, spicked crystal tear, milicent's prothesis, lord of blood exulvation blood if you use bleed.
By Anonymous
Your opinion lost all credibility as soon as you said "katanas are better"
By Anonymous
I'm just sad we don't have a proper Helicopter Man build in Elden Ring :(
By Anonymous
I wish it existed too...
By Anonymous
soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Oh my god Darth Maul, sir, I'm such a big fan!
By Aelios
Insanely versatile weapon class when dual wielded. Powerstance attacks provide great coverage with long, lingering hitboxes and multi hits for status procs, plus they have good damage. Running 1 handed r1 is a safe thrust for counter damage. 2 handed r2 is a multi hit that catches people off guard with delayed charging and deals great damage on the final hit- charging adds extra hits. They handle so many different situations and can be effective at nearly anything when their full moveset is utilized.
By Anonymous
This is why, for me, it’s replaced the guardian sword spear and dual curved swords on every single one of my builds. Especially with the amount of skills you can put on it since it classified as a pole arm technically.
By Anonymous
Shaolin time!
By Anonymous
I shredded every boss with this thing, bloody slash, high str/dex/arc build (before they nerfed bloody slash)
By Anonymous
this one + godskin peeler, seppuku, bleed affinity = much fun with jump attacks :D
By Anonymous
Same exact jump attack as bleed curved swords. But without the useful dual wield move-set.
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