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By Anonymous
Vagabond concept art has him carrying the longsword like a greatsword. It looks a bit longer too in the art. Kindve wish we had that one but it kept the ss moveset.
By Anonymous
Viable for sure, but it’s in an awkward spot where it doesn’t quite excel at raw damage like the Broadsword while simultaneously not being as good at being a thrusty pokey patient weapon as the Nobles Slender Sword. You could argue that its good for being well-rounded, but pretty much all straightswords already are by virtue of being straightswords
By Anonymous
Just wanted to slide in here and say that as of today, I’ve beaten Demons remake, DSR, DS2, DS3 and now Elden ring with a longsword and basic shield. It’s been a hell of a journey but one thing I can say for sure is that this weapon gets the job done. At some point along the way you realize that the fundamentals are OP in their own way.
By Anonymous
Best gun in the game. You need nothing else.
By Anonymous
I really like how "normal weapons" look in this game. I hate some anime-like/mmorpg-like oversized things with weird colors, but weapons such as longsword, claymore, bastard sword, zwei, rapier, flail - they all look fantastic.
By Anonymous
Here's to hoping the DLC will add plenty "normal weapons"!
By Anonymous
hit those npc invaders with the R2 poke, they never dodge it
By Anonymous
There's a place for this in EVERY build, and while it may not be the best weapon, it's simple, reliable, fast and efficient. My only wish is that the weapon was slightly longer but this weapon with square off will get you through the game no trouble.
By Anonymous
Would be cool if it was a more typical longsword that was primarily a two-handed weapon, faster than greatswords but with a bit less reach and damage. It's funny how the Uchigatanas are made so long, while this longsword is so short. In real life, the average katana is shorter than the average longsword.
By Anonymous
*Once again, we see the average skallagrim watcher who thinks himself a hema expert. Their kind are recognisable by the need to **** out half-truths and misconceptions onto gaming forums, which is the closest they will get to their mastabatory fantasy of a "knight"

An uchigatana is not a katana dipshit. I know they all look the same to you, just like longswords all look the same to people uninterested in the subject, aka me.
By Anonymous
If you're so uninterested in the subject, why feel the need to respond to the guy above you in such a rude fashion?
By Anonymous
Weebs mad
By Anonymous
To may 28 anon. You are so rude to the guy while simultaneously admitting you don't know much about the subject. Dunning Kruger at its finest. He's not even wrong, an uchigatana IS a katana, but a katana is not necessarily an uchigatana. Katana just means Japanese single edged blade, meaning even a shaving razor uses the same Kanji as katana amd translates to "shaving katana". OP was right tho, so idk... commit seppuku or something lol. An uchigatana just specifies its a katana long enough to strike with. I reccomend looking this **** up before being a ****. It's a bit more complicated than that but TLDR you're rude and wrong.
By Anonymous
May 28th anon is a discord moderator with a 3 inch long neckbeard
By Anonymous
Old reliable
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