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By Anonymous
"I hear thunder, pitter patter"
By Anonymous
Why do some of you go "sword glow blue, it must be Raiden!!!", I swear you people are obsessed with that game to an annoying degree.
By Anonymous
For as cool as this weapon is it sucks that it kinda sucks. Bad in pvp and way better options in pve. It needs tradable hyper armor on the aow and a small aoe from the lightning strike to ward people off and boost it's trading potential. Would make it strong but not ridiculous op.
By Anonymous
if this was permantely covered with lightning it would be the coolest weapon ever
By Anonymous
HF blade
By Anonymous
Is the ice lightning frost build up increased by your arcane stat? Should be right, but this feels like one of those weird times fromsoft would just gimp a weapon with no scaling or some dumb ****.
By Anonymous
Should have innate lightning like the halberd? You get this later(usually) and it's far less impressive
By Anonymous
The coolest katana is the worst katana. WHY?
By Anonymous
i feel like this weapon is the one that people mod the most
By Anonymous
This thing now rocks at low levels. Currently wrecking Godrick for people with it at +3 using the dex talisman, lightning physick and lightning scorpion talisman. Haven't tried it in PvP yet but should be good.
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