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Interesting. I like the fact that it scales with just about everything. I will make for a nice first playthrough weapon when you don't really know what sort of build you want to be. In particular I like that it scales with Arcane. Having more damage AND item discovery is an appealing prospect for a first playthrough when you want to see what every enemy drops. I hope I can find this or something else like it early on.
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By Anonymous
Now I'm motivated!
By Anonymous
are they gonna have more katanas plz
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HOHOHOHO! それは私サンタクロースです
HOHOHO、メイスはもっといいです!!! 私は毎日メイスを使っています、そしてそれは地球上で最も素晴らしい武器です!!!
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Reminds me of the chikage
By Anonymous
The scaling on this thing is a little wonky, but with proper investment it's real strong. And the heavy Attack both 1h and 2h is a double slash. Really interesting weapon. Don't know how ice/frost works in this game yet though. After a certain amount of damage/hits, while buffed with skill, theyenemies do take on frosty air animation
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I simp for Ice/Lightning Katana. I always thought that Ice was given the shaft in previous Soulsbourne games and only really came up around DS3. Now add in a specific skill for a Katana and you've honestly got me Miyazaki.
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