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By Anonymous
What’s your method for leveling your character up quickly early game?
By Evarika
Which defensive stat, % reduction or flat reduction, comes into play first?
By Anonymous
Dexterity scales lightning damage... Do what?
By Anonymous
is any stat increases attack speed?
By Anonymous
No, attack speed is based on weapon type
By Anonymous
Does applying stat increasing talismans alter level ranges for invading?
By Anonymous
Does Dexterity also reduce Incantation cast speed or is that just for spells
By Anonymous
Yes, but it���s hardly noticeable. Don���t be afraid to use strength over dexterity when using magic.
By Anonymous
This has contradictory information on it. It says the Faith damage scaling is 20/55/80 in the first section and then it says it's 20/50/80 in the table.
By Anonymous
Stamina Regen should be mentioned here as a stat. With some information about how it actually works. For example: is it the same on heavy and light equip load?
By Anonymous
Feels to me like this game is designed to be played with either Dex or Strength and one out of Intelligence, Faith and Arcane. Quality infusion especially feels awful and going pure melee is just frustrating for many late game boss fights. Not saying this is bad or anything, just an observation.
By Anonymous
I think going pure melee is fine but you’re gonna have a better time if you use a high damage weapon

But I wonder if you’re right

I did a quality build my first and it was pretty bad, but I could probably pick a hog damage weapon like I mentioned earlier

Once you get up in levels I bet it’s helpful to do what you mentioned

And at that point you can respec and decide which one you wanna go with

It’s a pretty cool part of the game it seems like

You can get any weapon, bell bearings, respeccing, and then starting NG+ instead of redoing your playthrough and getting golden seeds all over again, limited upgrade materials, etc.
By Anonymous
Do stats round up? say if you want to use the night rider glaive at 26 strength requirement and you invest 17 points of strength and two hand, would the game round up the 25.5 strength to 26?
By Anonymous
There is no "25.5" strength, they're integer numbers. That said, two-handing an armament will increase your effective strength by 1.5x, so you would need 17.33 (aka 18) strength to use a 26 str requirement effectively two-handed.
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