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By Anonymous
Can´t wait!!!!!!!!!!
By Anonymous
Not sure how i feel about strength governing Equip Load. :/
By Anonymous
It will bring more build variety and sounds awesome to me
By Anonymous
It's more practical than having a separate stat for it and would encourage mages to have a melee option in case they run out of fp.
By Anonymous
It fixes everything wrong with Strength builds. Dex got a massive upgrade, so its only fair that the one stat that should be mandatory the largest and heaviest of things requires strength. Not only does this fix the gameplay issue of only putting points into str with no equip load but it also makes a ton of thematic sense. IMO it should've been like this since Ds3.
By Anonymous
i dont see what is so difficult for people to understand. stronger people can lift more, deal with it. its how it always should have been.
By Anonymous
It should have been obvious Mind was to be the casting speed stat. Why would they make the same mistake again and put it on Dexterity? It's the only thing I disliked of all this Elden Ring information. It feels like they're dragging an awful mistake from DS1 for tradition's sake.
By Anonymous
...or make Arcane great again?
By Anonymous
You can more easily and quickly do the appropriate encantational gestures and movements
By Anonymous
I completely agree with you. It forces casters to have dexterity while maybe I want to be a streght-pyro? nah too much for miyazaki
By Anonymous
Don't know how pure dex builds are going to keep up with strengh. They should make dex give you better i-frames
By Anonymous
No please. It's just bad enough that you can't ignore strenght, let alone dex.
By Anonymous
So, you know how in prior entries you had this stat that heavily impacted equip load?

You just... Do that... But with STR.
BAM. Now you're a DEX main with both equip load increase AND some bonus damage due to STR also being tied in part to your mostly-DEX weapon.

So no, DEX mains don't need to worry. This change is purely to make the absurd mass of STR weapons less of a drain on stat allotment.
Because now STR and the equip load stat are one and the same.

Get it? Good. Whiny heckin' weebs...
By Anonymous
Equipment Load should be on Endurance, not Strength. Some people like heavier Dexterity builds.
By Anonymous
dex? dont level that up you fkin fgit
By Anonymous
are you telling me that someone who is stronger than you wont be able to lift more? if you want poise, suck it up and level strength.
By Anonymous
As someone who plays DEX builds way more often than strength builds--I like this better. A DEX build in any RPG, including Bloodsouls, is supposed to be for players who want to be speedy, dodgy, use weapons that are interesting for reasons besides pure size/power, and have additional tricks up their sleeve. Being able to use heavier equipment can be a crutch that prevents you from going full into that playstyle. Whether I'll be rocking primarily STR, primarily DEX, or a mix of both (I like all 3 styles), either way I love this choice to tie equip load to STR and other agility-based improvements (horse, fall damage, spell speed) to DEX.
By Anonymous
It's the same issue I have with giving equipment load it's own stat, it was fine in dark souls 1 with endurance being tied to it. I don't understand why they continue to do this.
By Anonymous
Then they should top up on STR, rather than just being weak lil twiggy DEX bapys.

Remember: DEX weapons weigh a fraction of the norm for STR-type weapons.
If you want to be a DEX main, sure, ignore STR.
It won't really impact you much, by comparison... Unless you're wearing something like full HAVEL or the equivalent.

But for STR mains, the stat allotment in prior entries to carry their WEAPON ALONE was staggering.
It was such that typically, in terms of DPS and armor, most STR mains fell perpetually behind DEX and FTH/INT mains, as those dudes' weapons weigh like a tenth or twentieth of STR weapons.

So no, equip load max should very much be tied to STR.
Because it makes sense. Because it makes STR weapons worth using, as it takes out the prior stat requirements just to CARRY them...
And most of all, because DEX mains deserve to be swiftly bonked for their weeby tomfoolery.
By Anonymous
To the guy that said:
"It's the same issue I have with giving equipment load it's own stat, it was fine in dark souls 1 with endurance being tied to it. I don't understand why they continue to do this."

Lemme put this into simple mathematical terms.
Say you're a DEX main at lvl.10, you have a simple hollowed character with a base of 1 in all stats to start.

You put 9 points into DEX, 1 into the equip load stat.
You get 9 DPS and your weapon weighs so little you don't even NEED any equip load for it. You put those points there merely to wear some dope armor.

Now, we look at the STR main of the same level... Whose weapon is both heavier and, on average, scales less with STR than most DEX weapons do with their respective stat. Only two or three weapons among STR weapons have an S-rating for scaling, whereas there are a multitude among DEX and INT/FTH...

So. How does the STR main spend their stat points?
6 on STR as their main stat, 4 into equip load because otherwise they cannot even wield their weapon without being unable to roll AT ALL.
They deal 7 DPS, but they cannot wear armor unless it's relatively light. Such is the heft of their weapon.
The only upside is the weapon, while lacking some scaling efficiency, has a slightly higher base AR... So it has moar damage per swing than it otherwise might due to the low stats.

This is a simplified example, but it's to point out a key factor in why STR mains suck in prior entries:
Stat point allotment, scaling and efficiency.

Worse, this scaling becomes even more impactful in later leveling... And the gap between STR mains grows unless they augment themselves with casting to make up for the lackluster power of their weapon's scaling.
Meanwhile, DEX mains' weapons weigh so little they can equip far better armor AND fast-roll, while using magic of even greater potency due to their free points not being taken up by encumbrance... And so they become EVEN STRONGER in the late game.

THIS is why STR is being tied to equip load in Elden Ring.
Because anyone that's ever played the game for at least a few hundred hours knows the stat allotments and differences between the weight and scaling of their weapons.

Case and point: A straight sword with an infusion in DS3 deals as much damage in 3 hits as the Fume Knight Ultra-greatsword does in 2 swings... And with buffs/enchantments, can deal even more.
The damage potential for non-STR mains in prior entries is absurd due to the weight of weapons, their scaling, their swing speed, stamina consumption per swing, etc.
By Anonymous
What's wrong with giving items a STR value req for use? Is giving carry weight really better/more efficient?
"must have x STR to wield"
what am i missing
By Flare727
I think arcane also scales with your summons it makes them stronger
By Anonymous
I think it would be more interesting when Arcane increases the damage of weapon arts, ashes of war and spirit summons. Otherwise it is outclassed by any other stat.
By Anonymous
it's luck
By Anonymous
Is there a poise mechanic in Elden ring?
By Anonymous
apparently yes, it's like good as DS1-DS2 but both with the hyperarmor when attacking like DS3.. soo the best of both worlds
By Anonymous
Having equip load scale with STR will change the game in probably the most positively out of all the attribute changes. Im super interested in how Arcane shapes up to int and faith. Im guess it's a magical item type stat, which is why discovery is tied to it? Might make item/consumable builds viable.