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god. this game will have so many different builds and fashion thanks to these things. its going to be amazing to search the world for new abilities, weapons, and armor. i do hope none of them are locked behind online stuff as i despise playing online
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u rite
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Sorry, I clicked dislike on accident; it doesn't mean anything, I feel the same way as you
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Is there no affinity for Strength scaling?
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This isn't the entire game, not even close.. there will be much more in the release.
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Not yet, I don't thing. Most of the weapons in the test are quality, dex, or elemental. There aren't any ultra weapons like great hammers or ultra greatswords, so I assume extra strength scaling only really becomes more important/useful in the later game, once you have access to these weapons. I don't mind, I just hope they don't ignore most other weapon classes like in DS3 to only focus on straight swords and greatswords; am I the only one who thinks halberds, spears, scythes (sorry, they are scythes. You can call them reapers if you want, they are still scythes), twinblades, and curved greatswords deserve more love? I mean, I love my Washing Pole and Hollowslayer Greatsword as much as the nest guy, but what about the Dragonslayer Swordspear, or the Old Wolf Curved Sword, or the Great Scythe, or the Crucifix of the Mad King? We need more weapons like these, and if Elden Ring can provide that by mixing and matching cool weapons and the Ashes of War, then Elden Ring will probably my person favorite Fromsoft game, even over my first one, DSI.

Man, I really ranted on for a while there, eh? I guess I am really just too excited for this game. Considering I got into the Souls series late and that this will be my first launch Fromsoft game experience, I'd say it's justified.
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hand it over
that thing
your fire ash
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I haven't seen a fire one in the network test so far. is there a specific one you are referring to or just a fire based one in general?
also as far as I can tell, pyromancies are gone. fire based magic has been rolled into the faith/miracles ( now incantations ) style of magic.
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there no dark?
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Its a network test, who knows what we will get in the full game. Enemies dont even have drops during this NETWORK TEST. You see the TEST is designed to TEST the NETWORK. So there isnt too much content we actually get in the game.
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By Grehym_Blak
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I'm super intrigued by the diversity that Ashes may produce in build and strats. Seems like it may be a tinkering mad man's wet dream!!
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Can ashes of war be applied to as many weapons/shields as you want, or are they "equipped" to an item when applied? If they are "equipped" to an item, can they be recovered when removed or are they lost forever?
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So far i get the informations from tests, ashes are unlimited and can switchted on any grace with no cost, if multible weapons could get the same ashes is unknown for me.
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Ashes of War are equipped to a weapon when applied to them. The only way to have them on multiple weapons is to obtain multiple copies of the ash of war. You can freely equip and unequip ashes of war at site of lost grace. The only ashes of war you cannot unequip are special ones, which are only found on certain unique/boss weapons.
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lol, I think sword when ash of war when if jump could be funny? yes ?
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English, amirite?
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Honestly, I think it would be better to equip them the same way as you equip spells. I mean, you can cast multiple spells with one catalyst, but only one ash of war with any other weapon. That's kinda sad