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By Anonymous
This shiz was called punishment magic for a reason fam. It ain’t suppose 2 werk so good. U gotta be into the kink of it all - namsayin?
By Anonymous
cool writing, and very true. FromSoftware never liked INT one bit. everything is Faith this and Faith that, and more Faith. Lord give it a break.
By Anonymous
Outside of WotG spam, Elden ring is their first game where faith is even an option, int has always been better lmao cope harder
By Anonymous
Yeah, I remember in ds1 when crystal soulspear and dark beads weren't one shotting everything. That hatred for int...
By Anonymous
oh please they nerfed faith into the ground in ds2, lightning spears were so good at release
By Anonymous
28 Mar 2023, oh be quiet. Intelligence builds have always been way better than faith builds except for in elden ring.
By Anonymous
Was the range and size on the thorns nerfed/reduced? I feel like they were bigger before…
By Anonymous
it didn't drop for me?
By Anonymous
i had the same problem, but it dropped when i let the sorcerer cast some spells before killing her. i might work for you.
sorry for the bad english.
By Anonymous
wow, 2 whole spells, which require faith to use but require an int weapon to cast. They do terrible damage, are more dangerous to the caster than the target, have the slowest cast times in recorded history combined with zero hyper armour so if a shuffling corpse farts within a mile radius the spell fails. No expense spent on these evidently
By Anonymous
POV : everyone's thoughts exactly 100%
By Anonymous
Hey man give them a break, I'd like to see you invent a better spell while distracted by having your eyes gouged out by thorns. It's hard!
By Anonymous
It’s really not hard to make INT better (they already did the “difficult part which is making the spell” so how is it so hard for them to increase the AOE, damage, and hyper armour? sounds like all the have to do is switch a few numbers which will make it get to S tier instead of F tier ), although INT is designed to be horrible, while Faith will always be OP (at least one of the two stats is good, but because Faith is so much better at what Faith is supposed to be, INT is useless, if you want to make a bleed mage, you need Faith, if you want to be a necromancer you must have Faith, if you want to be Thor you need Faith, if you want to be a dragon you need Faith, if you to be God of The Stars you must have Faith, Faith). Oh forgot , briars spells aren’t even for INT. LoL making this better would just increase Faith power even more.
By Anonymous
Just farm for staff of the guilty smh
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Briars of Punishment (BoP) is a really good incantation (Highly recommend). But Briars of Sin (BoS) is lacking in damage, speed and utility in PvE and PvP compared to BoP. It has less AoE than many Ash of Wars and can't be cast while walking making you open for any attack whilst removing your own health to do damage to a target.

One of those ash of wars is Black Flame Tornado (BFT) which does everything better than this spell except for the slight poise and fp cost it BoS has. This is ironic because all Prophets can use Black Flame Tornado instead of this spell and can be put on the starter spear. Briars of Sin is also too slow for the majority of bosses which in NG+7 means they either A) Remove 75 % of your health while you tank their hit or B) Instantly kill you, because you tanked their hit.

As of right now I don't think this will be able to compete against BFT unless they give BoS some tanking potential + damage buff. It will never be able to deal more damage than BFT as it is designed right now since it scales with the amount of health bosses have.

Also, if you're fighting anyone with two greatswords or bigger weapons and they do a jump attack you're most likely going to be dead after using BoS once since it's so slow and removes your health which allows players to go from a two shot attack, to a one shot. Marvelous.

Though, to give credit where credit's due, it has an astonishing animation and sound. Also killing anything with it is satisifying as hell. I think from an aesthestic view this is my favourite magic type! keep the aberrant magic, it's a great starting idea with more fine tuning can be great! : )

By Anonymous
I like how you call these incantations, 'cause anything with a Faith requirement is basically an incantation . Extremely Unfortunate Though : (
By Anonymous
Can you chain cast it into
Briars of Punishment ?
By Anonymous
When min maxed, this thing can spank ganks incredibly well
By Anonymous
Why does this spell have a lingering animation, leaving behind a trail of briars, but they deal no damage to people who touch them? The briars should deal (at least minor) damage when people walk near them. As it's designed now, this spell is just a fast-moving projectile with a fancy animation. Which is a shame because the animation RULES.
By Anonymous
It also seems like briars of punishment should go through an enemy to hit the targeted enemy if there's someone in the way, but it doesn't. It acts exactly like a glintstone projectile and just pops on the first thing in the path. Wasted potential here.
By Anonymous
even better - imagine if the trail was just a minor damage proc, like a momentary patch of lava from the applicable spells and ashes.
By Anonymous
At the very least it feels like the AoE of each cast could be just a tad larger, considering that you will also take self damage, bleed build-up and be stuck in a very lengthy recovery if you go for the 3rd cast. Also is it just me, or does it seem strange that the first cast of this actually does less than Brairs of Punishment? Like where's the incentive the ever use this over Punishment when that has range, tracking and speed over Brairs of Sin? I get that it's the area Thorn sorcery but come on.
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