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By Anonymous
So still no fp self regen then? Whyyyyy??????!
By Anonymous
Seriously. Magic is fun but it is never viable long term.
Maybe in full game there will be a regen ring like in demon souls
By Anonymous
they could go with DS3 route and go with "Simple" upgrade to add FP regen, I have to look in to this more
By Anonymous
There was no regen ring... FFS...
By Anonymous
I���m not sure if the dude who posted on the 28th was talking about Elden Ring or Demon���s Souls but if it���s the latter than uh yes there was the Royalty Class starts with it.
By Anonymous
having to sacrifice healing flasks to refill fp is why spell builds are balanced. If people could infinitely cast spells as long as they survived long enough, magic would be the way to go every time you played. A magic/melee hybrid build can work quite nicely as you can still have powerful spells, but also have a melee weapon to fall back on when you run out of fp.
By Anonymous
In pvp yes, it's balanced. But in pve, especially when you're exploring vast dungeons/levels, it's quite annoying to run out of fp every other times with the little vigor you have from levelling up mind.
By Anonymous
"non-regenerating fp is the cost of having ranged attacks" Except like half of the spells in the game are melee-ranged attacks. Sure there's frenzied burst and loretta's mastery but there's also catch flame and carian slicer, or dragonclaw and gavel of haima. The devs have already decreased the fp cost of many melee-ranged spells, so they recognize the pure caster build.
By Anonymous
i believe that saying HP is increased by adding points in mind is an error
By Anonymous
I noticed you can still use weapons skills without fp but they’re weaker - how do we find out how much power fp adds? Eg charge forth staggers and knocks down with fp, but without it doesnt
By Anonymous
It depends on the Ash of War, aka the skill, used. Some will do heavy attack damage, if they still perform a normal swing, like the Lion's Claw skill, which is Artorios' attack from DS1. Others will do nothing, like Flame of the Redmane's (VERY good skill), which produces a horizontal line of fire but does literally nothing without FP. Some always do the same damage regardless, but have a different effect tied to the FP cost of the skill, like a charge attack that guarantees a knockdown if you have FP.
By Anonymous
FP has no love at all. The Developers are forcing everyone to melee combat. thats why the spells are so weak lol
Ready your Pebbles
By Anonymous
pebble is indeed one of the strongest spells cause it take little mana and alot of dmg
By Anonymous
Spells can be quite good if you focus on them exclusively, but the tradeoff for high damage ranged combat is sacrificing some healing opportunities to refill fp. I think that this system is balanced and can reward a magic/melee hybrid build quite nicely.
By Anonymous
Rock sling would like to have a word with you.
By Anonymous
Found the naked great sword user.
By Anonymous
I only played Dark Souls and Bloodborne and magic-esque builds never made sense to me because of this. For one, if you don't have a melee weapon, then you're literally counting how many times you attack. Unless there is some kind of default way to gain FP without sacrificing an item, it'll never seem reliable to me.
By Anonymous
Assassin's Cerulean Dagger, a talisman that restores FP on Critical Hit. Drops from a boss in the Black Knife Catacombs. The boss is behind an illusionary wall. No, I'm not kidding. An actual illusionary wall, after which you have to fight it.

The Sacrificial Axe restores FP with each enemy death. It dropped from one of the death crow bosses, although I do not remember exactly where.

Good luck!
By Anonymous
I think that bird of death boss was somewhere around Weeping Peninsula
By Anonymous
Don���t forget Ancestral Spirit Horn!
By Anonymous
Is there an attribute u can put points into to decrease the amount of fp used on spells an incantations?
By Anonymous
No, but couldn't you just increase your fp bar for the same practical effect?
By Anonymous
Haven't played the game, but played other FS games, but to the reply, the need of an item (talisman in this case) is that it doesn't cost runes and raise the cost of anything else. I'd prefer an item to cut it down over leveling it up as well.
By Anonymous
There is a Talisman that decreases the FP cost of spells, the trade off is you lose quite a bit of HP. Alternatively there is a (different) Talisman that decreases the FP cost of weapon abilities with no downside.
You can also use a Talisman that gives you a small amount of FP back on kill, and pair it with an axe that has a similar effect, though this isn't particularly useful in boss fights.

Primal Glintstone Blade || Reduced FP cost of spells/incantations and Reduced total HP
Carian Filigreed Crest || Reduced FP cost of skills
Ancestral Spirit's Horn || FP gained on kill
Sacrificial Axe || FP gained on kill (needs to be equipped in main hand or off hand, though you do not need the stats to actually wield the item to gain the effect)
By Anonymous
primal glinstone blade decreases spell fpncost and carian filigreed crest decreases skill fp cost
By Anonymous
Alright, I found the item for FP regen. You gotta fight the Regal Ancestor Spirit that's around the second Hollowhorn Grounds site. It's not the first Ancestor Spirit that you fight that's towards the Siofra River Bank but the second site that's north-east of the Ancestral Woods site of grace. Using his remembrance can give you the Ancestral Spirit's Horn talisman which restores FP upon defeating enemies.
By Anonymous
tl;dr no regen, instead restore on kill
By Anonymous
That's not regen. Not even close. And the amount restored is laughable. Absolutely no reason to use that talisman.
By edgarpsj
I have a question, there is an incantation that consumes 40 FP, but I only have 68 FP and I can use the incantation 2x is it normal?
By Anonymous
i would assume you talking about dragon incantations they have rather interesting thing about them with them you have 2 different spell cost first to spawn a spell (usually 28+ fp cost) and second spell holding cost (usually 4+ fp) if you cast a spell first time and continue to hold it for second barrage then yes fact that you have fp remaining for that is completly normal
By Anonymous
if you dont have enough fp to use a spell then the game checks to see if you have half the fp for it. if you do you can cast it. in this case, suing it once puts you at 28 fp. since 28 is more than half the cost of the spell (40), you can use it one more time.
By Anonymous
And still we don't have regenerative FP... Melee bois have it easier
By Rexignem
Look dude, mage build is the easy mode of this game, stop crying
By Anonymous
not true man my wizard knight killed all the endgame bosses in just 3-5 hits (except final final boss). He only had 20 FP, lol.
By Anonymous
Both of you are poopheads, this game is easy mode in general, you can make any build you like as long as you grind enough.

(speaking in terms of souls games of course)
By Anonymous
I usually implement magic in my builds to help complement my playstyle, but in Elden Ring it wasn't as viable - it was FAR more viable to focus on bleed or other procs.