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By Anonymous
I wish there were more Frozen Lightning spells. Actually, just more Frozen Lightning things in general.
By Anonymous
There should be just a regular fire buff like carthus flame arc from ds3
By Anonymous
idk if its just me but I personally just think incantations have a lot more variety, even though magic is way more op.
By Anonymous
Spell Boost. What is it, how is calculated, etc. No explanation whatsoever. Well done.
By Anonymous
I'm kinda torn on the spell list in this game. On one hand, I love variety. The sheer breadth of effects and flavor for spells unmached for games of this type, if not games in general.
But the flip side is that some of the magic types feel same-y or cramped. Having only two spells works for something like Full Moon Sorceries, since they're supposed to be the ultimate in big f**k-you blasting sorceries, but the Claymen Sorceries, for example, feel like they were just tossed in to fill the gap of sorceries with an arcane requirement. On the other hand, some spells feel like they got grouped in with each other to pad out the sub-school size and not because they actually have a strong thematic tie to each other.
Then there's the Dragon Communion Incantations + Placidusax's Ruin, which are certainly numerous and clearly connected, but they dilute the inherent "cool factor" of harnessing the power of dragon's breath over ELEVEN different spells when there's maybe three really distinctive effects between the lot of them. In contrast, simpler, less high concept ideas you might expect a few iterations of just don't have them. Outside of basic glintstone projectile sorceries and basic healing incantations, you're lucky to get a couple tiers of a spell. Weapon enhancements don't even get that much, and even Demon's Souls had two weapon damage buff spells.
All in all, I think I'd rather things were pared down a bit if it meant each school of magic could feel complete, but not overcrowded and still retain its own identity. Even dark spells from DS3 managed this better than some ER magic subtypes, despite being split and assimilated into the three main spell types.
By Anonymous
more More MORE
By Anonymous
You know how Dragons Dogma had a light attack and heavy attack for archistaves which deal ranged magic damage so you could handle weaker enemies without needing to cast spells. I'd have thought by now they'd have done something similar with staffs, not super long range or high damage or anything, but something which means you can actually function as a staff user if you do run out of FP. Something cheap and cheerful that scales somewhat with INT and weapon level, means you'd have to actually find and learn your first spell and can 'finish off that group of mobs to get flasks back' because if you are a staff-and-robes purist and don't want subweapons or big bonks, you're stuck with a firm wack on the head until the next grace. The fact arrows and spells are still a finite resource is a shame.
By Anonymous
ho ho ho it's magic! you know!
By Anonymous
if anyone sees this tell me what is a staff that can carry to elden beast
By Anonymous
Fantasy rpg centred around a giant tree and there's no proper nature magic like roots, tendrils, vines and flowers. Not counting the thorn sorceries because they're made of blood, Scarlet aeonia is the closest we get - and melinas healing tree which we don't even have access to.
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