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By Anonymous
I hope they dont just throw pyromancy into a category with something else in final build. I love pyro I hope they dont neglect it.
By Anonymous
Pyromancy seems to be part of faith now. And i actually like it that way, Faith's always had a rather small amount of offensive skills, so adding pyromancy gives faith a big damage boost, and gives pyromancers a big boost to support stills.
By Anonymous
as much as i like them being their own category. having pyromany be a faith incantation gives you more room for stats since you wont have to level int as well. plus gives pyros access to support spells like heal.
By LuvtheH8
Plus, I don’t have to run a minimalized pyro build because I had to stat dump into Both intelligence AND. faith. Be good to have a faith build that was viable from the start too.
By Anonymous
I just played through all 3 DS games as a dark/hex build, and I'm super into the idea of investing in both Faith and Intelligence. But I'm extremely concerned that there may not be any spells/weapons that scale to both of those stats like in the previous games, since it was always counterintuitive to new players. I'm really hoping they didn't dumb down the magic schools or my build is gonna be really unfun
By Anonymous
Want my lightning spear.
Want throw from horseback.
Want it.
Give it.
By Anonymous
just tell me which stat is tied to the red lightning magic
By Anonymous
My theory is arcane
By Anonymous
Red Ligtning?... That's called "Fire". And Pyromancy seems to be faith based.
By Anonymous
Magic looks so good and viable in this game. Remember how lightning arrow's main thing that makes it OP is that you can hold it? Well now you can charge your spells so you can mix up timings or try to roll catch.
By Anonymous
The miracles look powerful for the most part, and in beast claw's case could perhaps use a nerf in terms of FP cost or damage. A number of the sorceries don't look that great though. The meteor spell has a long cast and seems to easily miss enemies, the bubble spell either doesn't do enough damage or doesn't linger in the air for nearly long enough, and the briar spell isn't powerful enough to justify such a large health cost. The blood magic spells need to be really powerful or no one will use them if they all cost that much health or more, plus FP.
By Anonymous
All of the magic i've found so far (not much admittedly) has been more or less useless. It costs more than the best spell and does less damage for...reasons? and they take longer to cast ontop of that.. so yeah.. fromsoft is pretty bad at balancing magic.
By Anonymous
Would love to see ice magic in game since most Souls games have frost build-up/ice weapons. Spells for mage and warrior builds. For the mage maybe summon giant shards that crash down from above or maybe conjure a fog cloud that slowly moves away from the caster causing frost build-up and can possibly freeze opponents solid making them brittle/guaranteed crit. For the more melee oriented builds have frost weapon enchants or an armor buff that coats your armor in ice reducing damage and causing frost build-up on melee attackers. All in all, would be happy to see more elemental types than the basic fire, light, dark, and lightning.
By Anonymous
I would like to see ice spells too.
Nature spells from plants and animals, so I could be a Druid.
Or even songs to be like a Bard.
By LuvtheH8
Maybe they could use lightning for lightning stake and a tornado, and use ice as a thrown spear , or a cloud of ice mist that deals piercing and frostbite.
By Anonymous
Holy **** the magic looks sick…

Stuck between enchanted knight for efficiency purposes and bloody wolf so I can form a wolf pack with lone wolf ashes. (Even though if there’s three of them it’s not necessarily lonely).
By Anonymous
There appears to be some Type of Magic related to Dragons and I am not talking only about dragon fire. I am talking about partial transformations into a Dragon, but we will see if it makes into the final version.
By Anonymous
Why are there no hexes
By Anonymous
There is dark sorceries like is ds3 and ds1, but it's not known if there is a larger selection of them.
By Anonymous
...there is no Furtive Pygmy probably? Dark in Dark Souls represented humanity and its ancestor which was the Pygmy who obtained one of the Great Souls like Gywn, Nito, and the Witch. This is a completely different spell system with different origins, lore, and backstory.
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