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By Anonymous
I'm able to withstand a greatsword bigger than me but a rat headbutting me is just too much? What were they thinking?
By Anonymous
the rats are giant and literally throw their whole weight at you with that attack, it would be like getting tackled by a cow.
The small ones are definitely not a cow the Big Daddy rats yeah that's a cow but there is Pitbull size rats that can see through boxes and evolved intelligently enough to spring premeditated traps
By Anonymous
They say it does. But I’m often wondering why I get stunned/staggered in PvP all the time, but that player wearing a robe can immediately attack me, or roll, after I’ve landed a great sword light attack, before I can get swing a 2nd time. I can get stun locked w/ a 75 poise, but PvP’ers seem immune to this effect no matter what they’re wearing. Bad enough the roll is ridiculous. Both the poise and Roll systems make PvP very unappealing.
By Anonymous
pvp is different on its poise and hit ratios even now you need 81-90 poise and hitting 100 no longer matters much hitting the max poise is barley enough for heavier weapon light attacks. Most weapons can either break poise first hit or by the second hit.
By Trombone
Ahh... yes glorious poise. Just a text line from ancient times when it used to mean something.
By Anonymous
I think fist weapons do way more poise damage than what a lot of people are suggesting. Like 2 punches in pvp is enough to shield break them followed by another 2 or 3 instantly poise breaking.
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By maitkarro
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Seems since 1.06 this page is redundant slightly.
Either the devs shadow buffed all poise dmg or enemy poise dmg, or reduced poise effectiveness, or the counter dmg buff somehow affected that too.
By Anonymous
you can just throw poise out the window. forget about it even exists. they keep ruining it with every new game
By Anonymous
active poise really needs to be adjusted. its basically impossible to trade with a thrusting weapon, unless you have a faster thrusting weapon
By Anonymous
Exactly. If I have way higher poise with heavy armor on and I try to trade with someone while I am using a greathammer I should be able to 100% of the time. But nope, my active poise just doesn't kick in sometimes and I get stunned. I miss ds1 sometimes.
By Anonymous
The game is about speed and reach.
By Anonymous
mimimum weight I’ve found for exactly 101 poise is full Veteran’s set except Crucible helm + Bull goat. Scaled helm also works for +0.2 weight.
By Anonymous
playing pvp with sub 30 poise really is hard mode. you get blendered by just about anything
By Anonymous
Are scythes classified as standard or great?
By Anonymous
Scythes deal the same amount of poise damage as halberds meaning you need 93 to tank one-handed and 103 to tank 2-handed R1 attacks.
By Anonymous
Poise was already nerfed in ds3 and now in ER. Also we really need a transmog system so we wont have to worry about stats and fashion, we even have a sewing kit, for crying out loud
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