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By Anonymous
I hope this won't be some bs like in Dark Souls 3, where a dagger can stagger an over 9000 poise build.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
They couldnt, they only could, if you were bad.
By Anonymous
dk3 scrubs are going to cry when they realize they cannot murky hand schyte stun a full have armor dude
By Anonymous
Jokes on you, huh?
By Anonymous
yeah...about that.
By Anonymous
This didn't age well.
By Anonymous
i mean this is true though
By Anonymous
#16551653 long as they too dont have poise
By Anonymous
"This didnt age well" except for the fact that i was 100% f@cking right
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
As a legend once said,
What rings u got bithc?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Fantastic work here!
By Anonymous
Return of a king
By Anonymous
Very nice to see all the info on poise, in all seriousness I hope they go back to ds2 poise or maybe just a new system that you don't get hit stunned by a dagger in full Havel. I just hope it's better than 3 and it's hyper armor *******.
By Anonymous
I'm at 29 poise and I'm getting staggered by rats, dogs and literally everything. DS3's garbage poise system seems to be back.
By Anonymous
dark souls 3 poise was good, actually

this seems to be a worst-of-both-worlds situation where it works like DS1 poise but the amount you need to not get staggered is like 10x as high. i hope i'm wrong because otherwise heavy weapons (which were already bad) are going to be even more trash than they already were
By Anonymous
yep, dont see the point of having poise in the game if you get stunlocked by malnourished dogs at 45 poise
By Anonymous
We were fooled, DS1 poise was a lie! You still get staggered by thin hollows with 40 poise!
By Anonymous
40 out of 133 is low as ****.
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