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By Anonymous
“Nah man you don’t get it strength is fun and for chads” -someone who does absolutely nothing except jumping attacks for the entire game
By Anonymous
As a strength user i am insulted. I rarely jump attakc
By Anonymous
Str builds are opposite of Dex/Arc in my opinion. Very easy up until very late game where Dex/Arc get their cancer knife and start to delete everything. I soloed godskin duo without summons easily but on malekith I've given up and popped a mimic. Late game bosses are far too fast for me to solo them. Surprisingly got much better results at PvP than any other builds mainly cause str weapons are fairly easy to use: jump attack, crouch poke, L2 with occasional rolling R2. Also if you sprink some int on top or use equipment you get amazing stuff like radahns greatswords and ruin greatsword which are very good to invade with
By Anonymous
Dont worry strength. Even though you aren’t as strong as what you were in dark souls. I still love you
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