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Best stat!!!! Only level this!!!!
By Anonymous
It would be so amazing when this stat increases the equip load
By Anonymous
omfg i literaly called it. hahahahahaha
By Anonymous
the virgin dex vs the chad strength
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
so what from software do when they see everyone playing strength and rarely try other builds ? yeah make strength more powerful , couple with the fact they added DS1 poise back and no mention on getting more iframe with low weight armor means its thing are even worst

PS: don't be tricked by giant magic spells , they cost tons and tons of FP , there is good reason nobody use soul stream despite its strongest miracle damage wise in the game , now as magic build you need strength to wear armor and dex to cast faster and arcane for future spells that require them
By Anonymous
they did not add ds1 poise tho
By Anonymous
First, strength was always the inferior stat compared to dexterity because the scaling system works equally for both str and dex. Also weapon buffs and scaling are both working with absolute values, where faster dex weapons were becoming dps monsters. See Twinblades the weapon of choice for speedrunners in DS3. For obvious reasons.

Second, people are mostly using strength builds because it is cooler. Why choosing bulbasaur when you can get charmander, right?

Third, in order to make poise viable and great again, you need a poise system like in DS1. Why would a DS3 poise system be any better? You punch Havel with Caestus and he is stunned. Wow great...
Also, it's the price for not having any sorceries / incantations on your character. You are a fighter with heavy armor. That's it.

Fourth, in the network tests incantations are looking the most powerful right at the moment. You can use both pyromancies and miracles by just leveling up faith in addition to that it is really strong against minibosses and normal enemies.
By Anonymous
haha strength go brr
By Anonymous
It’s not ds1 poise. plus spells other than soul stream do, in fact, exist.
By Anonymous
Even if you do choose to burn 3 spell slots on something flashy and bombastic, like Comet Azure, you should make sure to keep something efficient and practical around in your other slots.

Also, poise never went away. It's just been various degrees of revised and/or hidden. I prefer the transparency of just telling people what their poise score is, regardless of what the poise rules are in a given game. The less I have to close the game to dig up numbers on this wiki the better.

I do wish that the game too the time to explain that Low weight rolls and damage bonus still exists, but they are there for those who need them.
By Anonymous
I think that tying equip load to strength is a very good improvement!

Think, not only are strength weapons heavier than dexterity, but strength weapons are also usually slower, and thus require poise to be more effective, which is what the equip load will lead to (heavier armor = more poise). Plus, dexterity has it's load of freebies too, those being fall damage/cast time.

... and sure, this would be broken if this was DS1/DS3/whatever other game. But this ISN'T those games, it's being designed with this from the ground up, and if they can balance it right, this will make the PvP, need I say, more bonkers and varied than ever. (I could write like a 2 page thesis on why this is a good change I swear)
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By Wolf_Pwnz_Noobs
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I find this change to be concerning due to *potentially* limiting build diversity, but I definitely see the great deal of positives especially with how the gameplay works overall. I like this change.
By Anonymous
If the change to endurance being the equip load stat now is true, then we might see dagger builds in full plate armor while heavy weapon builds are stuck in rags lmao
By Anonymous
Imagine 99 strength Gigachad fatrolling because he wears hard leather armor
By Anonymous
Why would you see that? Its not like you don't need endurance with heavy weapons lol
By Anonymous
bruh every class needs endurance, every. single. one. so i can assure you even mages will easily be wearing heavy armor if they want to
By Anonymous
Look how they massacred my boy
By Anonymous
Just say you suck lol
By Anonymous
To clarify the two-hand damage bonus description: similar to previous FromSoft games, two-handing your weapon effectively grants you 1.5x your strength stat to equip heavier weapons and deal more damage. For example, if you have only 10 strength you can still weild weapons requiring 15 strength by two-handing. Also, two-handing a weapon with 66 strength effectively grants you 99 strength, meaning you'll be dealing maximum damage with strength scaling while two-handing for much less stat investment.
By Anonymous
Is that true? I'm two-handing Ruins Greatsword and it still gives 2-3 damage per point of strength while I'm at 75+ strength.
By Anonymous
that is amazingly good to know thank you
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By adformant
correct up until the last part. in elden ring, you get more damage from two-handing a weapon at 66 and beyond.
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