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By Anonymous
The Assault Drone and 3x Immortalite stones can be found when bringing the energy cell from the Observatory (the middle steps above the hanging cage in the centre of the first big open room). The energy cell can be picked up again if your timer runs out, as the place you pick it up is a little stack of never-ending cells.

Best method to speed run to the place in Garde Tum that needs the energy cell is to take the portal back to Central Sanctuary, drop down to Darkness falls and then through the first section of Garde Tum past the Dark Knight fight location. Then go down both elevators and head past the pool of blood, the assassins and kill the giant to open the door. Next, drop down all the platforms and take a right, then you'll be confronted by all those energy balls and traps - the trickiest part. As soon as you get past them the panel requiring the energy cell is sitting darkly. Well done.

For all that, haven't found a good use for the assault drone - which you get at +7 level.
By Anonymous
Yup the damage blows ***
By Anonymous
Not only that but with the latest patch the drone you get is bugged. You get it at +7, in your inventory it is at +0 and 30dmg. If you equip it it does 13dmg, and if you go to upgrade it it says it's at +7 but at 38dmg. And I really wanted to use it.