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By Anonymous
Does dex decrease cast time of dragon breath incantations, too?
By Anonymous
Anyone has the data about how ARC investment affects the status breaths? Not my playstyle investing on ARC or FTH, but From did a wonderful job on these dragon incantations. I'll give an ARC build a try on NG+, but now I just want to meet the min for the dragon breath ones. How effective it will be on mid game and after?
By Anonymous
Ekzyke's rotten breath is wild. It hits fairly hard, has a decent range, and the scarlet rot DOT is longer and stronger than poison DOT. It's the first thing I cast when I get into a boss fight.
By Anonymous
Quick question: does Arcane only affect status effect build up if the weapon in question has Arcane scaling? Or will it increase build up regardless?
By Anonymous
Only weapons with arcane scaling are affected from the increased build up unfortunately.
By Anonymous
also, scarlet rot buildup never scales with arcane (this only affects antspur i think?)
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By Agurzil
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Which items also scale eith arcane? Some pots and perfumes, anything else? General rule, anything inflicting status effects?
By Anonymous
lorewise, arcane builds are weirdos in the lands between
By Anonymous
Call my blood katana-wielding, dragon-heart eating frogman a weirdo one more time and I'll shoot ancient magic bubbles at you.
By Anonymous
^^^ See?? crazy ****ing guys
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