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By Anonymous
This has to be the new luck dawg.
By Anonymous
I think it will be something like th Arcane stat in Bloodborne, where those weapon arts are getting stronger
By Anonymous
useless stat, it's a trap don't level this up guys
By Anonymous
False. There are ashes of war that scale with arcane and some spells have a arcane requirement.. ahem.. *
By Anonymous
.. ahem.. ableist
By Anonymous
Heavily investing in this. Yes, I'll feel burnt for most of the game but when I finally find the one of four weapons meant for Arcane?

By Anonymous
this is actually such a vibe
By Anonymous
Take Fort Haight and then stop worrying about finding an arcane weapon, perhaps...
By Anonymous

By Anonymous
I’m so curious what spells will be affected by this
By Anonymous
Yeah nothing in the demo so far, I kind of want to pour stat points in to this just to see where it will eventually take me
By Anonymous
I hope Invisibility and Muffle at least
By Anonymous
Dragon Incantations.
By Anonymous
All the dragon spells require arcane and faith
By Anonymous
What the hell is Death Resistance? Isn't that just HP?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Death is the new curse
By Anonymous
Imagine being dumb enough to level your hp up when Arcane straight up tells you it resists death. 99 Arc for easy mode no death runs.
By Anonymous
In other RPGs, this usually is referring to instant-death type stuff, which going by other RPGs, is a rare thing to be hit with anyways
By Anonymous
OOOOO this is gonna be like the agility stat from ds2 and the luck stat from ds3!!!!!! i cant wait to neglect it till i need super rare things!!!
By Anonymous
If you’ve been neglecting agility you’ve been playing ds2 wrong.
By Anonymous
This guy didn't level up Agility in Dark Souls 2. Don't be like this guy.
By Anonymous
The heck is death resistance is it like the resistance to instant death blows and stuff like curse?
By Anonymous
Death here = Terror Sekiro, Curse Dark Souls
By Anonymous
I’m thinking that things that’ll scale with Arcane might be magic items and what not. The description for the glintstone ore said it could be used in magical items. And wasn’t “magic” in Bloodbourne used through items?
And it being a dual purpose stat that also increases item discovery you’ll be collecting more materials to turn into tools. It’d make sense, and I think it’d be amazing to make a build around using tools that’d actually be viable.
By Anonymous
This actually makes a lot of sense. It would make arcane very unique compared to int and faith and would give it a lot of utility as a stat. I especially like the idea of the item discovery aspect of arcane having a synergy with the fact that spells will be craftable. It would take the new crafting mechanic from being just a gimmick to having actual value as a factor in your build if the consumable spells scaled with Arc.
By Anonymous
I think you're absolutely right. Arcane did affect the damage of items in bloodborne. In elden rings network test, there was a throwable Meteor item that cast an aoe cone in front of you that you could hold 10 of. In one of the recent bandai videos, the bandit appears to crush a rock in his hand, which then casts a swarm o
f magic homing darts
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