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By Anonymous
These builds are trash. For the love of God, don't pvp with these.
By Anonymous
Out of curiosity, what makes a toxic build toxic?
By Anonymous
The Ball of Dispair lvl 400

Full Bull Goat Armor
Lightening-Scorpion Talisman
Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman
The Turtle Talisman
Fire-Scorpion Talisman
Fires Deadly sin Incant
Flame Grant Strength Incant
Wonderous physic :
Flame-Shrouding cracked tear
Iron Ball +25 Two Handed w/ Lightening Ram Ash of War
80 Vigor
30 Mind
80 Endurance
80 Strength
30 Dexterity
20 Intelligance
40 Faith
40 Arcane

By Anonymous
I tried this build and I have mixed feelings. I spent 5 hours trying to find an invasion and just died. I don't think this build it very good or optimal tbh. It also took me a very very very long time to grind out 400 levels worth of runes and it was deffo not worth it. I found out after making the build that there is a thing called soft-caps and realised that getting very very high levels isn't fully worth the time...
By Anonymous
RL150 is dealing way too much damage, its incredible and ridicilous at the same time. That kills pvp and colosseum duels for me entirely.
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