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By Anonymous
My guess is that increasing Vigor will raise our HP
By Sabizos187
Whoa calm down! Ok let's wait for the facts to roll in before we start espousing our theories!
By Anonymous
Works 1to1 like DS3
By Anonymous
Not exactly, in DS3 27 vigor gives 1000 HP, while in Elden Ring you don't have 1000 until past 30
By Anonymous
What is this? vigor doesn't affect hp, that's Vitality.
By Anonymous
Actually, It's dexterity that affects HP, I believe.
By Anonymous
No no, it's clearly arcane that affects hp
By Anonymous
whoops, wrong Dark Souls.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
He's talking about irl but even in that sense he's wrong lmao vigor still is related to health
By Anonymous
No, Vitality is something completely different. Have you never played DS3?
By Anonymous
what y'all smoking the stat that affects vigor is called AR (a**beating resistance)
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I started with Vagabond at Vigor 15
Every level in Vigor adds 27 points of HP up until level 17, then it adds 28 points.
From level 21 to 22, it adds 29 points.
By Anonymous
UP: going from 23 to 24, it adds 31 points.
25, +31
26, +33
27, +37
By Anonymous
Unlike ds3, the amount of vigor you get doesn't seem to decline if you keep on increasing it. I have 31 vigor now, and for every additional point, i get 42 more health.
By Anonymous
Current vigor 31. Health increase at this point is 42 per point of vigor.
Unlike any other soulsborne game, health increase doesn't seem to diminish if you invest in too much vigor.
Does anyone know how it works in elden ring?
By Anonymous
soft cap is 40

40 to 41 gives 26 hp, before that you get 40-45 hp each leveling
By Anonymous
40 is soft cap for vigor. From 40 to 41 gives 26 hp. Before that you get 40-45 hp for each stat
By Anonymous
Thank you to Luca, who posted how much health you gain per vigor.
Now my question is solved.
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