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By Anonymous
Use to believe this fight was unfair…I still haven’t beaten her without Summon. We have to thank the bravery of the true champion…he who dared…to solo her…
By Anonymous
Black Flame Tornado
Stagger + Easy Kill.
By Anonymous
Light roll is the key to this *****. It totally counters her combos just rolling back from her. Her waterfall **** can be just rolled out if you instantly start rolling at the moment she jump to do it, or you can circle around her while shr is in air and in the moment she start her dance just roll in the same direction you was running.
By Anonymous
After kinda cheesing the fight on my first playthrough on release (rivers of blood and tiche, yaaay) due to being busy with classes and not having the time to sit down and learn such a difficult fight, I finally went and did it "honestly" on NG+. Dual miquellan knight swords, some buffs, and stone of gurranq for phase 2 when she does the scarlet aeonia to get some chip. Took me about 4 hours. pretty absurd boss. Everyone complains about waterfowl dance (and rightfully so) but I found the 5 spirits move in phase 2 to be almost as bad. All of my attempts had me being way more cautious than I should've been, but whenever I got aggressive she'd whip out some armored moves - or worse, waterfowl - and kick my teeth in. Phase 2 is technically easier, but since phase 1 is so damn hard, it just destroyed my nerves every time.
By Anonymous
Are you drunk? Phase 2 is straight-up just an expanded version of phase 1. It's much harder.
By Anonymous
Phase 2 has way more openings and predictable attacks. Scarlet Aeonia gives you the biggest opening in the entire game, and it's easy to avoid. She also tends to use the armored kick move in her combos more, which is one of her most punishable regular attacks, and even if you get hit by it, it barely does any damage.
By Anonymous
You're imagining the thing with the kick. Scarlet Aeonia does give you an extended attack opportunity, unless you lack a ranged option, but besides that her adjusted moveset covers up most of the gaps of phase 1.
By Anonymous
god bless you sir. keeping the fire alive.
By Anonymous
**** this boss
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Should be updated inbthe page she drops 960,000 runes on NG+
By Anonymous
I wanna dedicate this comment of a kindly hero named, “Soldier of God”. You may never see this, but in the slight case you do, I wanted to thank you. I’d consider myself someone who likes to play Elden ring casually, so malenia is the hardest boss for me. Not so with you, so thank you.
By Anonymous
Is it just me or is there a hint of gundyr in her ost?
By Anonymous
Saw a video where SHE parried the player.....why is no one talking about this?????
By Anonymous
she had the ability parry the player at some point in development but it was never part of her move list in the actual game
By Anonymous
yeah she did that to me once
By Anonymous
The combat information's tips and strategies for Malenia recommends anyone finding her exceptionally difficult should consider a respec so they can use ROB. But I've just noticed that Mohg's sacred spear and Morgott's cursed sword aren't mentioned at all as being viable or otherwise to use against her. I got the sacred spear and cursed sword from their respective remembrances but before I respec so I can use them in NG+ I'm hoping anyone who has used either weapon to beat Malenia or anyone who found them a bad choice for this fight will reply with their experience of using them against her.
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