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These Puzzles ****ing Suck
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I agree the designer should be shot in the knee with buckshot.
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After you complete the puzzle, a portal to "Secrret Passage" opens. If you've completed Nenio's quest and are wearing Areshkagal's mask, you want to take it off BEFORE going in the portal.

And guess who's here? Areshkagal.

Areshkagal: "One most worthy. You are late." The sphinx's voice is tranquil and unchanging. Her masked gaze stares out indifferently somewhere above your head. "We've been waiting for you a long time, but the age of the Earthfall has ended, and along with it, our patience."

Areshkagal: "The secrets of Creation will remain unknown. Leave."

You can go through the various dialogs. There are a lot of (Chaotic) choices, some of which require the Trickster path. Others require moderate to high Bluff. Sooner or later you will have to choose [Attack] to get anything out of this encounter.

This aspect of Areshkagal has relatively low AC, decent SR, Energy resistance 20 Electricity, 10 Acid/cold/fire, and is immune to poison, electricity, and being prone.

Dispatch pseudo-Areskagal and your friendly Ancient Ghost appears and says, "I have been imprisoned by that cursed sphinx for thousands of years, but now I am finally free. There will be no more encounters with wandering travellers. I will never again have to lure them into a trap with the promise of great mysteries. I must reward you for my freedom, adventurer. Although I have been dead for thousands of years, I was once a thief, and a goo dthief always has some loot stashed away. Take this as a token of my gratitude."

Gained 5760 XP
Items received: Mask of the Most Worthy -

You can then exhaust his dialog and learn how the ghost fits into the story. it ties in to the Storyteller's quests.
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If you completed Nenio's quest before, you can show the Areshkagal copy the mask of nothing and order her to leave. After you wait several time, she will disappear due to the contradictory orders she received and you will finish the quest as usual.
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Can someone explain the logic of these puzzles? I get that its dominoes, but there are multiple solutions to make all the tiles fit.

The only thing that I figured out is that the symbols on the "outside" area (where you place 1 symbol blocks) that are touching the "inside" area (where you place two symbol blocks) must match the furthest symbol in a straight line on the "inside" area. However, in one of the puzzles, this logic is not the case for one block.
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It is like mix of dominoes and japanese crosswords. Maybe sudoku a bit
Symbols on outside show you what symbols MUST exist in specific column or line. But there may be more different symbols that were shown on side if line is long.
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If you take the "The one most worth is already here" bluff option and succeed, and proceed to wait several times, Areshkagal will leave due to the paradox of the One Most Worthy both being present and not present at the same time.
By Anonymous
Similarly, if you show the illusion Areshkagal's mask and tell her that Areshkagal has ordered her to leave her post, she'll eventually self-destruct over the paradox of being ordered to wait for the One Most Worthy and to leave her post at the same time.
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Because there's no consolidated information on this anywhere:

* Go into Heart of Mystery in Chapter 3, it will begin to unlock the Ghost that will put the other puzzle locations on your map as well as put portals into the other quest locations to move back to the Heart of Mystery.
* Heart of Mystery is the LAST thing you need to do in "Secrets of Creation"
* Secrets of Creation completes after Chapter 3.
* Some puzzles are NOT completable/Areas are Inaccessible till after Chapter 3, don't focus on this in Chapter 3.
* Core of the Riddle is the ONLY one of the 4 puzzles available in Chapter 3, the rest cannot be completed till after.
* You're required to complete 4 puzzles before Heart of Mystery (No Particular Order Below):

** Final Veil - South West Quadrant of the World Map in the Wounded Lands.
*** Slabs in Bone Hills - Only Accessible after Chapter 3
*** Check the notes on the bone hills map: https://pathfinderwrathoftherighteous.wiki.fextralife.com/Bone+Hills - Requires a DC45 Perception Check to Find.
*** Bone Hills is just West of Final Veil along the same Road.

** Core of the Riddle - East of the "Gray Road" Marker on the map, JUST slightly South West of Treasonhome Outpost
*** Slabs from Ravaged Long House - South of the "Gray Road" Marker, Just West of Terendelev's Lair, Slightly North West of "Lands of Yath Watch Outpost"
*** Both Available in Chapter 3

** Legacy of the Ancients - South West across the Chasm from "Camp on the Ferry Outpost", Along the Road South West of Ivroy Sanctum
*** Slabs from Place of Execution - North West of Pulura Falls, West of Blackwater. Requires a mid 30 DC perception check.
*** Place of Execution is NOT available in Chapter 3 even though Legacy of Ancients is.

** Forgotten Secrets - Far South Central on the world map, around the Winged Wood. Area is not accessible till after Chapter 3.
*** Slabs from Shrine of Sacrilege - South West of Drezen, JUST North West (Across the Chasm) of "Stone Maze" outpost. - West out of Lost Chapel and Immediately South.
*** Shrine is accessible in Chapter 3 but the place to put the tiles is not.
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Better than the actual goddamn guide. Thank you
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Don't forget to use a midnight bolt on the real Areshkagal to get another nahyndrian crystal.