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By Anonymous
"This fish is exceedingly rare and will require your best rarity-boosting Bait (Firefly) and gear."
"Otherwise, just grind it out in the waters next to Rory."

The fish isn't exceedingly rare, you just suck at fishing. I caught this fish at 41.5 lb, 42.3 in making this a "Large" fish which would make it uncommon at worst in "Deep" water. However, the water next to Rory is "Very Shallow" which makes "Tiny" and "Small" fish common, and all variants of "Large" (including base types) "exceedingly rare."

TL;DR fish east of Genesis of Spite while standing in the water to get "Deep" freshwater, whoever wrote this guide is either an idiot or doesn't understand fishing mechanics.
By Anonymous
you are the best. what is the name of your server and your name? i want to be with you
By Anonymous
Lol, I followed your advice and no joke, I caught it on my first cast with no bait. thanks, homie.
By Anonymous
Caught it in the shallow water next to him at 50 fishing in about 15 casts
By Anonymous
I caught 32 fish next to Rory in fishing gear with firefly bait. I followed your advice and got it on the first cast.