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By Anonymous
Dreaming general: 200+ hp, the general regularly "upgrades" the encroaching tokens. at level 3 they remove your ability to attack and cause damage. must hit the invincible taproot to reduce it. general upgrades two tokens every time. if you keep hitting it he also causes "shifting soil" token, which does a lot of damage if something happens. not sure yet.

Fought him twice, can barely get halfway through his hp.
By Anonymous
Managed to finish him off, but barelly. 2 of my crew died and the other 2 barely standing.
A tough one.
By Anonymous
Dreaming general: 200+hp, 5spd, 40 BLD, 40 BLG, 30 BRN, 200 STN, 200 MOV, 40 DBF, 50 DTH
Tap Root: 99 hp (invuln), 12spd, 200 [all debuffs]

Creeping Growth: used by general, upgrades "Tangled Growth" to the next level of 2? allies
Nightmare: huge AoE damage, removes strangles

When strangled, ally is forced to use "Whispering Darkness" which has an effect of "75% chance to cause +1 stress to other allies" (along with wasting the affected's turn)
By Pentation6653
Order: Fetid Meat - Putrid Meat - Harvest Child
Unique mechanic: "Harvest Hunger" debuff:
>makes afflicted character fwd1 when it's their turn
>if character A) is at or B) moves to position1: forces the usage of a unique (detrimental) skill "Feed the Hunger": 3-6, 5% crit, either meat targetable (all ranks), self: -15% max HP, -1stress
>is removed afterwards
*120HP, 1SPD, 2actions/turn, size 2
*Resistances: BLD 10, BLI 60, BRN 10, STN 30, MOV 20, DEB 30, DD 33, (DIS 10)
**Moves target-position
*Maws of Life (AoE) xx21-1xxx, 6-10, 5% crit, Effect: Bleed_medium, Back2
*Sapid Drippings (AoE) 43xx-xx34, 2-3, 5% crit, Effect: Blight_Small, Fwd1
*Tantalizing Tidbit 4321-xx34, 2-4, 10% crit, Effect: Stress 1, Fwd 1

FETID MEAT 47HP, 5SPD, 1action/turn, size 1
*Tempting Aroma: 43xx-1234, 1-2, 0% crit, Effects: "Harvest Hunger", Blind 50%proc
PUTRID MEAT 51HP, 5SPD, 1action/turn, size 1
*Mouthwatering Aroma: xx21-1234, 1-2, 0% crit, Effects: "Harvest Hunger", Vuln 50%
>Fetid meat will always hit your pos 4&3 (backrank), Putrid meat will always hit your pos 2&1.
>Killing a meat leaves no corpse (important).
>Either rush the boss or maybe kill 1 meat depending on which one you tend to find the most problematic (for me it's the Putrid meat which targets the frontline). Killing a meat will naturally make the boss use Cruel Harvest more often, so be aware.
>Killing both meats is generally ill-advised as this will make harvest child use "Cruel Harvest" twice a turn.
>Harvest child is suspectible to BLD and BRN and resistant to BLI.

By Anonymous
No Seething Sigh yet?
By Anonymous
Seething Sigh
The front and back lung buffs the boss damage unless you do enough damage. It's usually just one lung and occasionally both are buffed (may be based on the turn number - not really sure).
Stack up all your healing items and save them for the fight. You really don't want to spend a turn healing if it means the boss keeps the lung buff.
You want to use damage trinkets as much as possible since preventing the lung buff from staying is really important.
Stress is also annoying. I mainly managed mine through high relationship and Bolster.