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By Anonymous
This boss annoys me so much, the only Heroic I haven’t killed cause it’s just rng. It has so much potential to be fun, but the fact that it uses the soul drain whenever it wants instead of at fixed intervals between patterns or phases in the fight means that instead of making it a fun fight with careful resource management and play style, it just turns out to be miserable. Just hoping it doesn’t use the move that punishes you for trying to even damage it isn’t fun, such a poor choice on the developers part.
By Anonymous
After watching a video of the PC version getting killed, it’s come to my attention it’s just that the switch version is just jankier and overall considerably worse.
By Deathy12
well anon, as you said in the reply, the switch is jankier than the pc. Thats because they had to wait for Nintendo to pay attention to more than Metroid Dread
By Anonymous
With all my attempts I found that you have to have around around 35+ soul energy for him to be able to use the drain, so if you equip thuergist aura with an ability that has short cooldown and about 30 SE cost he won't use the drain.
By Anonymous
If you are struggling with the heroic version a strategy I found that kinda works is using the thuergist aura to reduce SE gain and have an ability with a short cooldown and about 25-30 cost because it seems he only does the drain if you are above a certain threshold of SE and it is around 35 SE. Other than that get really good at perfect blocking.
By Anonymous
A strategy I found to work for the fight goes like this (Note:Only works if you have top line of talents from soldier tree)
Be sure to have at least 1 skill with a short cooldown and moderate cost, he will only use the drain when you are at or above 40 SE. Fortitude also helps to destroy death orb faster.
When he does his rise attack you want to be between the pillar right below and beside him, after the first one appears do a jump attack and you can get a few hits in.
For the reap you want to try and parry him when he dashes at you which will despawn the clone.
Crowslash perfect block the first Strike of each volley and keep holding block for the clones.
Death orb ring attacks just keep blocking the orbs and for the fire you can block that too just attack it as much as possible.
As for the final stage with the birds just try to find the gaps you can safely follow and take out the bugs that fly by before they drop the orbs.
By Anonymous
I beat him on heroic by not playing around his soul absorb mechanic. During second phase if you deal high enough damage he won't have time to use melee attacks and you'll go into third phase where you unfortunately have to face being one shot. I used Divine Force to give myself a second chance in case I missed a perfect block and just burned him with the help of Soul Trigger.

I also failed an attempt trying to combinate Soul Trigger and Grimgaud's Brew because my stamina regen was too low but it can probably be countered by putting enough point in the stamina regen increase talent.