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There's a group of them in Iron King dlc, so trying to get the one guy to spawn is just dumb.
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rapier +10 + stone ring+ bellkeepers = good time
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God I love standing around an empty area waiting minutes for an invasion so I can press r1, best PvP in the series
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If you're on PC forget about the unveil trick, I wanted to setup the unveil trick but before going up the ladder I tried the memory trick, so I windowed my game, displayed the task manager, made it so small that I can only see DS2, then moved it below the windowed game.
From there: feather once to move to the startup spot (you don't want to move during the process to avoid loading stuff into memory), hit the bonfire (enter, then instantly leave) and look at the memory usage of the game. You'll see the memory drop because the game is clearing the last area you loaded. Continue hitting the bonfire and keep an eye on the memory, you'll see it drop, sometimes slowly, sometimes by a huge chunk, but at some point you'll see it go up by 7-10mb. This is 100% a Mad Warrior spawn, go up the ladder, kill him, feather back and continue hitting the bonfire. I cleared it 30 times and got hidden weapon in under 1h with this method, and no setup is needed). The belfries ghosts don't change anything (they were there at first then they despawned but the memory trick kept on working)
To stay focused I repeated outloud the last two digits of the memory. If it started at 570 I'd say out loat 70, 65, 62, 63, 61, 64, 64, 72 - Mad Warrior spawn
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Thank you , this is a really helpful guide since online is down.
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This is literally the best way to do it, number 1 because PC servers are offline and 2, it's just no contest, the fastest way. Thank you for figuring this out and sharing. I'm roughly 15-17 kills in and maybe spent 30 minutes so far.
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If your on PC this is clearly the supperior method. To be even more precise with tracking your memory, youll want to open the resource manager (either click at the bottom of the task manager or type into the windows search bar). Then open up the Memory tab. Find the "DarkSoulsII.exe" program. The column you want to monitor is called "Working Set". For me, it was a number than ranged from 1,110,000-1,190,000. Youll want to watch the middle three numbers. When the Mad Warrior spawns it will be very obvious because those middle three numbers will jump by 7+, and then by 2+ more (in most cases). Good luck.
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You are incredible.
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brilliant mate, cheers. had my mb jump up 3-4 and thought I'd check, then finally found him after a jump of 10 or so. Now I know what the benchmark is for me and it'll be fast af
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Thank you!!! This is the best method, got hidden weapon in under 1 hour too
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Thank you so much, this was really helpful, got the sorcery in an hour with this method
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listen up kids, unveil is dogshit and a time waste, just reset at the bonfire 10-15 times in a row without going up, there is a higher chance of him spawning within the 10-15 tries and even if he spawns earlier, he will stay there once he is spawned. meaning that even after resting at the bonfire he will still be there. instead of running up like an ape after every rest and not seeing him just accept reality and go with the safe route
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He de-spawns, just tested it. So your method does not work. Test it for yourself, when you see the phantom, use the feather and he will be gone. The Unveil method got it for me really quickly and reliably. When the Unveil orb moved up, I rested again because that meant there was no phantom. When it moved horizontally in the direction of the phantom it meant it spawned. Confirmed this works 100%
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He hasn't spawned for me in like an hour wtf am I supposed to use a bonfire aesthetic or somthing?
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The unveil method is heavily unreliable. I have tested it multiple times just now, with my *** in the ladder and once facing the ladder, I used unveil and the light would move away from the ladder.
Yet he still spawned.

His spawn rate seems to completely random too as I definitely had him spawn 2 times in a row at least once.
And sometimes just nothing for 10 times in a row.

All in all, fckin annoying online from soft #&! £) ¿
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The light always goes up, but not completely straight up, even if no enemies exist. When the Mad Warrior spawns, the direction changes. Don't cast at the ladder, cast at the bonfire facing the ladder when teleported back without moving. There the light will fly in the direction of the ladder if he is there and otherwise to the left
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I'm so confused. How many times must I kill the mad warrior red phantom to get hidden weapon?
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Finally got all them Sorceries! Farmed Mad Warrior for at least an hour and a half in Belfry Sol.

I don't know if it has any bearing but I was wearing the Jester's Cap, Jester's Gloves and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring. All I did was despawn all the enemies in Belfry Sol, used the Aged Feather to get back to the bonfire, climb up the ladder, run towards the Bell to see if Mad Warrior spawned, kill him if he does then Aged Feather back to the bonfire and repeat. If he doesn't show up just Feather back to the bonfire, climb up the ladder and check again.

Most of the time he would spawn once every 3-7 minutes of running back and forth to the bonfire. There are instances where he would spawn three consecutive times. Took about 1.5 hours to get to kill him 30 times. Just needs a lot of patience.
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I did not receive five Rusted Coins.
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the unveil method is very accurate to knowing if the mad warrior appears up there or not, very easy too, and with that, you don't have to go up using the stairs all the time in every rest in the bonfire like a moron, because you really know when he is up there. best offline method to date.
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I'd like to add that you need to despawn every single enemy around the bonfire for Unveil to work as intended; otherwise, it will point to the nearby Alonne knights and such.