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By Anonymous
There's more recipes to be found
a recipe is in the vertical shaft on the way to Phoenix Cave (need the warp bomb)
another is in central sanctuary need the barbarian NPC (need the warp bomb)
one in the lights puzzle room in migration chamber
another for completing all the puzzles in Shrouded Island just above Central Sanctuary
By Anonymous
As for the requirements for crafting stuff

-Celestial set (helm, cape, boots), Ethereal set and Grand Sage set = 30 armors scraps and 4 meteorites scrap / 1 piece of gear
-Immortalite Stone = 10 armor scraps
-Meteorite Scraps = 40 armor scraps
-Gaia Plume = pink medicial plume + 5 Gaia Leaves + 2 Meteorite Scrap
-Crimson Egg = 30 abyssal Eyes + 5 Flesh + 3 Tortured Souls
-Helmet of Wrath = 20 armor scraps + 5 Bee stinger
-Executionner Hood = 20 armor scraps + 5 Mushroom
-Prophet Visage = 20 armor scraps + 5 snails
By Anonymous
For anyone who wonders whether recipes carry over to ng+, they don't
By Anonymous
So if you kill Alistair, you can't access to the secret boss battle anymore? Isn't it there another "crafter" to avoid locking from endgame content?