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By Anonymous
so how do you get the new game plus. when you have defeated the avatar of thalamus for the third time? it says something about using the eye of thalamus on the inventory but I do not see such a thing in my inventory
By Anonymous
you may want to check again in my game is there and it cannot he dropped or discarded
By Anonymous
I would really like to know if this is possible to go through multiple endings using NG+
(as bcs of my crabby hands i went over 100 will after trying to beat all of the bosses on heroic without knowing WILL stat was actually a needed thing)
By Anonymous
nop you can only get one ending per playthrough but at the begginning of ng+ is decreased to 100 you can decrease with the heroic boss battles to less than 100 but each normal boss ​battle increases it a little bit
By Anonymous
note: if you go for ending B you cannot have access to two locations (Migration Chamber and Collapsing Nightmare) only appearing on ending A, same as going by ending A you don't get to access the Afterlife area only on ending B, and if you go for C no access to any of those 3 locations
By Anonymous
I didn't read this before playing. But just want to let people know another route.

I defeated endless before having 5 immortals and chose not to destroy the immortality orb.

After that i got 5 immortals and returned to the orb. It only have me the option to approach the orb and then the sequence of ending A started.

I did with death because he's like my friend at this point.

By Anonymous
I'm unable to choose to side with Death, Thalamus' will is too strong. How can I get out of choosing?
defeat more heroic bosses and die less throughout the game
By Anonymous
My first run ended after a fight with Endless near the door that required 3 sigils. I only completed two heroic fights. I was teleported underwater and sank to the bottom in the cutscene.